Corporate Tax Cheats Are Bankrupting America

CORPORATE TAX CHEATS ARE BANKRUPTING AMERICA. Thanks to foreign tax havens and other loopholes, many of America's largest corporations pay ZERO taxes. Many others pay effective tax rates of less than 10% (even though the actual corporate tax rate is 35%). US uncut IF THESE TAX CHEATS PAID THEIR FAIR SHARE. $5.1 Billion In 2010 GE reported US profits of $5.2 billion but got a $3.2 Billion refund. 21.7 $1.6 Billion Bank of America holds over $22 trillion in assets, and yet it pays less in taxes than the average American household. $8.4 Billion verizon BILLION DOLLARS Verizon reported $24.2 billion in pre-tax U,S. income, and yet claimed a federal corporate refund of $1.3 billion. THEN WE WOULDN'T HAVE TO CUT citi $66 Bilion Citigroup has paid no taxes for the last 4 years. They were the largest recipient of bailout funds, receiving $476 billion. Teachers Jobs $41 Billion for job training unemployed and new workers Kids $11.2 Billion for early childhood programs $4.6 Billion for Teacher Training and after school programs NO MORE CUTS UNTIL CORPORATE TAX CHEATS PAY UP! You angry? Then get active! Join US Uncut! We're staging hundreds of actions nationwide and taking our demands straight to the tax cheats' doors. the other 98 US uncut

Corporate Tax Cheats Are Bankrupting America

shared by rmmojado on Dec 28
Here's a handy infographic that ties specific corporate tax cheats to specific cuts that affect all of us. If these corporations paid their fair share, we could uncut these budgets. This is essenti...



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