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Corporate and Personal Tax Rates Around the World

Corporate & Individual Tax Rates Around the World SWEDEN FINLAND NETHERLANDS GERMANY - - UKRAINE DENMARK UNITED KINGDOM RUSSIA CANADA IRELAND FRANCE KAZAKHSTAN SPAIN - PORTUGAL - UNITED STATES CHINA AUSTRIA REPUBLIC OF KOREA ITALY INDIA SERBIA MEXICO GREECE SYRIA - PAKISTAN BRAZIL AUSTRALIA CHILE SOUTH AFRICA INDIVIDUAL LOW HIGH 2013 Corporate Tax Rates Around the World 2013 Individual Tax Rates Around the World Australia 30% 45% Australia Austria 25% 50% Austria Brazil 34% 27.5% Brazil Canada 26% 29% Canada Chile 20% 40% Chile China 25% 45% China Denmark 25% 55.56% Denmark Finland 24.5% 51.13% Finland France 33.3% 45% France Germany 29,55% 45% Germany Greece 26% 42% Greece India 32.45% 30% India Ireland 12.5% 48% Ireland LOW Italy 31.4% 43% Italy Kazakhstan 20% 10% Kazakhstan LOW Republic of Korea 24.2% 38% Republic of Korea Mexico 30% 30% Mexico Netherlands 25% 52% Netherlands Pakistan 35% 20% Pakistan Portugal 25% 48% Portugal Russia 20% 13% Russia Serbia 15% 15% Serbia South Africa 28% 40% South Africa Spain 30% 52% Spain Sweden 22% HIGH 56,6% Sweden Syria 22% 22% Syria Ukraine 19% 17% Ukraine United Kingdom United Kingdom 23% 45% United States 40% HIGH 39.6% United States Range 12.5% 40% 56.6% - 10% Range 27.5% 46.6% High (above 30%)' I India, Italy, France, Brazil, Pakistan, US, Mexico Austria, Finland, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden High (above 50%)' Low (below 20%)' Low (below 20%)' - Chile, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Ireland Kazakhstan, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, Pakistan For 2013, the average top corporate tax rate in the European Though Paklstan has one of the hlghest corporate Unlon Is 23%.4 tax rates, it also has one of For 2013, the average top personal income tax rate in the European the lowest Indlvldual tax rates at 20%.' Union is 38.7%, up from 38.1% in 2012. The rate was 44.8% in 2000.4 Three Interesting Tax Facts 1. The U.S. taxes $13.50 per 3. The states with the highest profit in "sin taxes" (e.g., gambling, smoking, and alcohol consumption) are Oregon, South Dakota, Michlgan, Pennsylvanla, Indlana, New Hampshlre, West Virglnla, Delaware, 2. Cow gas accounts for nearly 18 percent of the world's greenhouse gases. EU natlons, IncludIng Ireland and Denmark, are taxlng cow flatulence In an effort to save the planet.5 "proof-gallon" of distlled splrits, whlch Is the same as a gallon of 100-proof llquor.5 Rhode Island, and Nevada. Miscellaneous Tax Facts In the Unlted States, individuals are subject to other taxes in addition to city, state and local taxes, including sales tax, property tax, All states in the U.S. impose a llquld fuel tax on estate tax, glft tax, hotel tax, llquor and gasoline and diesel fuel. Taxes are charged on a clgarette taxes (also known as sln taxes), cents-per-gallon basis. utllty taxes, etc.² Fuel taxes are user taxes to help build and In the Unlted States, individual states have maintain highways and roads. the right to Impose taxes above and beyond what the federal government imposes.3 SOURCES: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Created by oBizMedia

Corporate and Personal Tax Rates Around the World

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Collecting your W-2s and lamenting your zip code? Here’s a little perspective: the U.S. does have it hard when it comes to individual taxes (our rate is a national average of 36.9%), but compared wi...


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