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Consumption Machine

Paper & Paperboard 68.43 MT FAST AND ON THE MOVE INSURMOUNTABLE WASTE The three highest average consumer expenditures all point to an overwhelming reliance on personal transportation. Consumers spend roughly $1022 on gasonline and oil per year, $1441 on vehicle purchases, and $1507 on eating out. Municiple Solid Waste is comprised of the items people throw away on a daily basis. Overall solid waste generation has increased 3.66 pounds per day in 1980 to 4.34 pounds per day in 2009 on Yard Trimmings 33.20 MT average per person. On a more positive note, recovery of materials through recyling have increased from 10% of the total waste in 1982 *in 2009 to 35% in 2009. Below are the statistics for the Textiles amounts of municiple solid waste items in millions of tons. (dollar amount) 12.73 MT 1507 AVERAGE ANNUAL EXPENDITURES ON GOODS PER PERSON Plastic 1600 1441 29.83 MT 1300 355 253 975 1022 821 408 352 214 1000 Tobacco %3D Steel 345 Alcohol 15.62 MT Dairy 700 Fruits & Vegetables Meat Eating Out 400 Personal Care Furniture Apparel Gas & Oil 100 Vehicle Purchase AONSUMPTION MACHINE CONSUMERISM MUNICIPLE SOLID WASTE GENERATED Definition: 1The promotion of the consumer's interests 2The theory that an increasing consumption of goods is economically desirable In 2009 a total of 243 million tons of Municiple Solid Waste was produced in the United States. At the same time, the average amount for a single consumer to spend in a year on goods was $29,405. With new advertising mediums appearing at a more rapid rate than ever, one could attribute the ever increasing amount of consumption to oversaturation of advertisinment pushing irresponsible spending. Though increased advertising is not the sole cause, it is true that presenting untruthful or misleading information creates wants, needs, and desires that would not otherwise exist. As environmental, economic, and lifestyle problems increase, reexamination of the way society acts becomes necessary. durable goods nondurable goods containers and packaging *in 2009 other materials *sources:,

Consumption Machine

shared by crogsmith on May 14
A self directed infographic outlining the consumption habits in the United States over the last 30 years. Data was collected from the EPA and the Bureau of Labor Statistics to show the direct correlat...


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