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Civic Participation and Household Incomes

CIVIC PARTICIPATION and An estimated 15% of Americans participated in school groups in 2009 and 18% participated in religious organizations. At roughly that same time, average household income was $69,000. Rates of participation in different types of community groups and average household incomes do not appear to be very highly correlated across HOUSEHOLD INCOMES states or large metropolitan areas. Thus, people participate in groups regardless of their incomes and perhaps base their participation decisions in these groups on the characteristics of their family and neighborhood. SCHOOL CIVIC SERVICE SPORTS RELIGIOUS INCOME 15% 7% 10% 18% $69,000 Participate in a school Participate in a service or civic group. Average household Participate in a sports or recreation group. Participate in a church or religious organization. group. income in 2010. RESULTS by STATE (Percent; household income in dollars) Lowest Highest People in the Upper Northwest and in some of the Plains States tend to be more People in the Upper Midwest are more likely to participate in civic service than the rest of the country. People across the northern part of the country are more likely to participate in sports groups. People in the Midwest and in parts of the South tend to be more likely to Average household income tends to be highest in states along the West coast and in the Northeast. likely to participate in school groups. participate in religious groups. RESULTS at the LOCAL LEVEL (Percent; household income in dollars) Lowest Highest Indianapolis has the highest percentage of people who participate in school groups (24%). Three cities have civic service participation rates that are at least 10%-Oklahoma City (11%), Indianapolis (10%), and Hartford (10%). Five cities have participation rates in sports groups that are at least 15%-Portland (17%), Rochester (16%), Minneapolis (15%), Cincinnati (15%), and Pittsburgh (15%). Twelve cities have participation rates in religious groups that exceed 20% with Virginia Beach and Pittsburgh both demonstrating the highest participation rates (24%). Among large metropolitan statistical areas (MSAS), average household income varied from about $50,000 to over $100,000 in 2010. The Louisville, KY MSA had the lowest average household income in 2010 with $51,000 and the Washington, DC MSA had the highest average household income in 2010 with $107,000. Author: Jonathan Schwabish (; @jschwabish) Sources: Current Population Survey ( and the Civic Data Challenge ( Notes: Data for group participation rates provided by the Civic Data Challenge as calculated from the Current Population Survey and are pooled for 2008-2010. Average household income calculated from the 2011 March Current Population Survey for those with positive household income and are weighted at the household level. Atlanta unsny Baltimore Birmingham Boston Buffalo Charlotte Houston Indianapolis Jacksonville Kansas City Las Vegas Los Angeles Louisville Nashville New Orleans New York Oklahoma City Orlando Philadelphia Phoenix Pittsburgh Portland Sacramento Salt Lake City San Antonio San Diego San Francisco San Jose Seattle St. Louis Tampa Virginia Beach Washington, DC

Civic Participation and Household Incomes

shared by JonathanSchwabish on Aug 05
My entry for the Civic Data Challenge ( where I show different metrics of group participation and average household incomes in the U.S.


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