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The City of Dallas Population Explosion

* THE CITY OF * DALLAS POPULATION EXPLOSION Originally founded in 1841, Dallas, Texas is the ninth largest city and the sixth largest economy in the United States. In recent years the Dallas - Ft Worth Metroplex has experienced rapid growth in population. Find out what makes Dallas such a great city to live in... - Home to 18 of the Fortune 500 - Dallas - Ft Worth is the largest metropolitan city in the south-central United States - Dallas Arts District is considered the largest center of urban art in the United States - No. 1 visitor & leisure destination in Texas - Home to 23 of the richest Americans HISTORY OF DALLAS POPULATION GROWTH 1860 POPULATION 678 In 1860, Dallas began to prepare for the Civil War. Public debates on the issue of secession were held and a volunteer militia was created. Suddenly in July of 1860, a historical fire broke out in the square, destroying most of the buildings in the business district of Dallas, which divided the city politically. 1870 POPULATION 3000 In 1870, the Dallas City Hospital was established as well as Texas becoming the last confederate state to be added to Union. The beautiful Swiss Ave Historical District was established by Mayor Benjamin Long, which became the city's first National Register Historical District and houses several coveted early 20th century mansions to this day. 1880 POPULATION 10,358 In 1880, Mayor J.M. Thurmond was tried on charges brought by City Marshall. A new election was ordered, Thurmond ran against Judge John J. Good and lost. The Dallas County Courthouse also burned down but most county records were saved. That same year the Dallas city sewer system was also established and the groundbreaking for the Dallas and Cleburne Railroad, a narrow-gauge railroad and the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad. 1890 POPULATION 38,067 In 1890, the town of Oak Cliff was chartered by the State of Texas. The U.S. Census also found for the first time in the city's history, Dallas was the most populous city in Texas. The University of North Texas and Texas Wesleyan University were also founded and construction began on a red sandstone county courthouse (the present historical "Old Red" courthouse in downtown), which overlooks John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza. 1900 POPULATION 42,639 In 1900, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra performed for the first time ever. Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show featuring sharpshooter Annie Oakley with 600 horses and a buffalo herd performed while Booker T. Washington delivered his main address on Colored People's Day at Fair Park. Dallas High School also fielded the first Texas high school football team that same year. 1910 POPULATION 92,104 In 1910, the city of Dallas doubled in area to just 18.31 square miles! Halley's comet also became visible in the sky over Dallas that same year. The Omega Chapter of Medicine at Southwestern University was established (now called the Southern Methodist University). 1920 POPULATION 158,976 In 1920, the city of Dallas was ranked the 42nd largest city in the nation. That same year the women of Dallas were able to vote for the first time in a general election. The Majestic Theatre was constructed and African American inventor Otis Boykin was born who was the engineer of the improved electrical resistor for computers, radios, televisions (used by IBM) and a control unit for the artificial heart pacemaker. 1930 POPULATION 260,475 In 1930, C.M. Joiner strikes oil 100 miles NE of the city, helping Dallas become a center of commerce for the Texas oil trade. The city's financial institutions began servicing the region's oil magnates; so many of Dallas' citizens became rich off of petroleum-related enterprises. Bonnie and Clyde also meet for the first time this year in West Dallas and the Cotton Bowl is built as well. Also Eugene McDermott and John Clarence "Doc" Karcher start Geophysical Service Inc., which later became Texas Instruments Inc. 1940 POPULATION 294,734 In 1940, White Rock Lake completely froze over for the first time. This was also the same year the 6-story North Texas Building was converted into a hotel. The Mexican Chamber of Commerce (now the Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce) was also formed. A series of bombings also rocked South Dallas neighborhoods that same year. 1950 POPULATION 434,462 In 1950, North Central Expressway was opened to the public. The Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) also opened the first full-service subway station in Texas (and the American South), Cityplace Station. The civil war era western called "Dallas", starring Gary Cooper and Ruth Roman was also filmed in Dallas that same year. Weather history was also made with a record breaking high temperature of 101°F in August. 1960 POPULATION 679,684 In 1960, the Dallas Cowboys were to play as a "swing" team, playing every other team one time during their first season, although listed in the Western Division standings. On September 24th the Cowboys host the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Cotton Bowl in their first official game. The Cowboys unfortunately did not win a single regular season game in their first season. That same year KERA TV channel 13 in Dallas, TX (PBS) also began broadcasting. 1970 POPULATION 844,401 In 1970, the Case of Roe v. Wade was first heard in federal court in Dallas. The Dallas Jewish Archives was established and evolved some 18 years later into the Dallas Jewish Historical Society. The Dallas-based lighting and sound company Showco was also credited with inventing stage monitors and other advancements in the field of pro audio. 1980 POPULATION 904,078 In 1980, the Dallas Mavericks basketball team started their first season. We also had a record summertime heat wave, which topped at 113 degrees. That same year television character J.R. Ewing from the TV series "Dallas", is shot by an unknown assailant. That triggered eight months of "Who Shot J.R." mania. MADERICHS The Reunion Arena was also built which would become home to the Dallas Mavericks and the Dallas Stars until 2001. 1990 POPULATION 1,006,877 In 1990, Dallas ranked first in the country for the number of it's new and expanded corporate facilities. Vanilla Ice was born and raised as Robert Van Winkle in the Dallas suburbs, who went on to record the first hip-hop single to top the Billboard charts. Dallas blues legend Stevie Ray Vaughan's helicopter crashed into a hill not far from the Alpine Valley Music Theatre in East Troy, Wisconsin. The comedy film Problem Child starring John Ritter was also filmed in Dallas that same year. 2000 POPULATION 1,188,580 In 2000, Mark Cuban purchased a majority stake in the NBA's Dallas Mavericks for $285 million from H. Ross Perot, Jr. That same year an American romantic comedy called Dr. T and The Women, starring Richard Gere was filmed in Dallas. Dallas voters also approved a $2.9 billion, 75-mile extension of DART to complement the evolving Trinity River Express (TRE), commuter line. 2010 POPULATION 1,197,816 In 2010, Forbes Magazine named 24 Dallas businesses Top Fortune 500 Companies. These businesses included Exxon Mobil, JCPenney EXXON MC and Texas Instruments. The Dallas P.D. was also portrayed in the Fox drama series The Good 6 Guys, and the TLC reality series Police Women of Dallas. Erykah 2 Badu also filmed the controversial video for her song "Window Seat" at Dealey Plaza. 2030 POPULATION 3,400,638 The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) has developed a forecast for the region based on long-term trends and current policy. These trends suggest that Dallas will continue to attract both residents and employees but will grow at a slower pace than the rest of the region. The NCTCOG forecast predicts that 91,000 new households and 350,000 new jobs will be added to Dallas by 2030. WHY DALLAS IS GROWING OURLOW COST OF LIVING Dallas offers many advantages to those looking for financial stability. The city's overall cost of living is 98.9% of the national average, which, combined with low taxes and reasonable real estate costs, makes Dallas a great place to run a business and make a living. Less money spent on general living costs means increased bottom line for businesses and better quality of life for families. OUR THRIVINGECONOMY Dallas has dynamic information and robust business service sectors, as well as a higher than average concentration of mining, construction, manufacturing and logistics occupations. The city government is pro-development and maintains a comprehensive economic strategic plan to encourage growth. As Dallas has invested $600 million through its most recent bond program, the city's upgraded infrastructure supports businesses in staying competitive. OUR JOB GROWTH Dallas successfully overcame difficulties resulting from the bankruptcy of AMR, American Airline's parent corporation, in 2011 and reported a 2.1% job growth in the following year. Moreover, the city made it to the top of the "The Best Cities For Jobs 2013" Forbes list in 2013. The projected growth 300,000 promises to continue with an average of 2.8% rate through 2019, which will add an NEW JOBS additional 300,000 jobs to the already existing 2.1 million in Dallas and it's Plano and Irving suburbs. OUR WELL -TRAINED WORKFORCE Dallas is home to over 600,000 workers, and the region also provides an additional workforce of 3 million people. Dallas's diverse economy unites a well-trained workforce with a variety of advanced business solutions from healthcare to distribution and everything in between. 48% of the state's high-tech workforce is in Dallas, 30% of the city's workers have at least a college degree and over 80% of the local workforce has at least a high school education. OUR INFRASTRUCTURE Dallas's transportation, utility and communications infrastructures ensure easy access to both global and local markets. A combination of airports, railroads and highway systems move people and goods quickly and economically while public transit continues to grow with four rail lines serving downtown Dallas alone. Forbes Magazine ranked Dallas as one of America's most wired cities in 2008 with the sixth highest broadband penetration rate in the nation. The city's water utilities provide over 400 million gallons of water daily, which will accommodate for the next 50 years of regional growth. RESOURCES www. www. www. 1310.pdf htm events Dallas of_Dallas * The History of Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity" by Frank Hobart Eby A X Z M "Dallas Landmarks" Publishod by : Arcadia Publishing "Dallas" by Susan Hunter Rohde, Debra Lea Meaghers "Hamilton Park: A Planned Black Community in Dallas" by William H. Wilson O Greybox Media, LLC dba AXZM "The Doors" By Grel Marcus

The City of Dallas Population Explosion

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