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Cash me if you can By 2015, ICC'expects the value of counterfeit goods globally to exceed $1.7 TRILLION presented by: That's over 2% of the world's total current economic output * International Chamber of Commerce ICC ESTIMATES COUNTERFEIT GOODS ARE NOW WORTH MORE THAN 5 PERCENT OF WORLD TRADE Counterfeit money that the U.S. government has removed from circulation is: CopyCash $103 MILLION TO $261 MILLION 2008 2011 Investigators estimated that only 10 percent of dollar counterfeiters are arrested in the country. THE MOST U.S. MADE COUNTERFEIT CASH IS MADE BY MARIJUANA AND CRYSTAL METH DEALERS $261 MILLION IN FAKE MONEY SEIZED FROM CIRCULATION $182 Million of counterfeit dollars seized in 2009 100 100 an increase from the $79 Million of counterfeit dollars seized in 2008 63% of the counterfeit money today is produced using digital printing, compared with less than 1% in 1995 AVERAGE PRICE OF A FAKE ID IS US Customs and Border Protection at O'Hare airport in Chicago seized over Identity Crisis 170O COUNTERFEIT $100 DRIVER'S LICENSES IN SIX MONTHS BUT CAN GO UP TO $7,000 A study in 2009 of American university students found that 17% of freshmen and 32% of seniors owned a false ID. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's counterfeit aerospace and defense technology The FAA has estimated that some 520,000 counterfeit parts make their way into planes each year ALL HAVE BEEN DISCOVERED TO CONTAIN COUNTERFEIT PARTS 1800 CASES 70% FROM CHINESE COMPANIES 1 MILLION COUNTERFEIT PARTS HELICOPTERS SURVEILLANCE PLANES CARGO PLANES AEROSPACE AND DEFENSE PRODUCTS ARE GENERALLY DESIGNED FOR A LONG LIFE CYCLE B52's from 1955 have expected lifespan to 2040 Replacement parts are limited and manufacturers change making them easy targets for counterfeiters INCREASED COUNTERFEIT ELECTRONICS PARTS FOR AEROSPACE AND DEFENSE 3,369 INCIDENTS 8,644 INCIDENTS 2005 2008 COUNTERFEITING COSTS U.S. SEMICONDUCTOR COMPANIES OVER $7.5 BILLION YEARLY, AND HAS RESULTED IN THE LOSS OF 11,000 JOBS I.A- SEATBELT CLASPS Seatbelt parts were made from a grade of aluminum that was inferior to specified DoD* requirements. The parts were found to be deficient when the seatbelts were accidentally dropped, and they broke. ROUTERS The Navy, as well as other DoD and government agencies, purchased counterfeit network components – including routers – that had high failure rates and the potential to shut down entire networks. BODY ARMOUR The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) procured non-Kevlar material that was misrepresented as Kevlar. The DLA discovered the discrepancy during testing. *Department of Defense Bad Goods: Top 5 Counterfeit Goods Value of counterfeits seized: $39 million 1 ELECTRONICS 2 SHOES 3 DRUGS 1 Retail value: $101.2 million Percentage of total seizures: 22% Value of counterfeits seized: $25.3 million 2 Retail value: $97 million Percentage of total seizures: 14% Value of counterfeits seized: $16.9 million 3 Retail value: $25.2 million Percentage of total seizures: 9% Value of counterfeits seized: $15.6 million 4 Retail value: $35 million Percentage of total seizures: 9% Apparel and accessories accounted for over 50 percent of the counterfeit goods seized by U.S.Customs and Border Control 4 CDS & DVDS 5 CLOTHES Value of counterfeits seized: $14.8 million 5 Retail value: $126.3 million Percentage of total seizures: 8% In terms of copyright materials being pirated Where is piracy most prevalent? BUSINESS SOFTWARE $5.69 BILLION LOST RECORDS AND MIESIC $2.44 BILLION LOST PIRATED ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE $1.74 BILLION LOST In India, counterfeits of drugs were used to fight antibodies in Rh-D negative mothers 2012 Top Suppliers of Counterfeit Goods in the U.S. 1 CHINA Law enforcement in Zambia seized MOTION PICTURES $1.64 BILLION LOST fake shampoo containing acid 2 RUSSIA 3 INDIA Diseased pig meat was used in counterfeit A cans of pork luncheon meat in China 4 PAKISTAN Top Consumers of Counterfeit Goods BETWEEN 2009-2010, OVER 5 URUGUAY $30 MILLION 1 CHINA 6 KOREA 7 PHILIPPINES FAKE DOLLARS WERE SEIZED BY POLICE IN PERU 2 RUSSIA 3 LATIN AMERICA CESP. BRAZIL) Body-builders and others buying steroids on the black market in Australia were sold repackaged livestock steroids 4 GREECE 5 ITALY Anti Counterfeiting Technologies OPTICAL TECHNOLOGY SMART CARDS BIOTECHNOLOGY CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGIES MICROSCOPIC TAGS Light/heat-reactive and invisible inks - invisible to Use of monoclonal antibodies to recognize certain antigens or marker chemicals Constructed from up to ten different colored layers which denotes the unique code 24% increase in sales in Holograms (as seen on driver's licenses) Smart Cards from '11 to '12 the naked eye but can be read by bar code scanners Economic and Social Impact of Counterfeiting Other Downsides to Counterfeiting: Governments lose out on unpaid taxes and incur large costs in enforcing rights 1000 Estimated loss in Billions Increasing concern that counterfeiting is related to other criminal activity 800 of Dollars (2008) Projected loss in Billions of Dollars (2015) Almost a third of medicines sold in developing countries may be counterfeit, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 600 2008 SUBTOTAL In comparison, fewer than 1 percent of drugs sold in industrialized countries such as the U.S., Australia, Japan, Canada, New Zealand and the European Union are fake 400 $455-$650 200 2015 SUBTOTAL $1,220-$1,770 Fake tuberculosis and malaria drugs alone are estimated to kill 700,000 people a year 1. Internationally traded counterfeit and pirated products 2. Domestically produced and consumed counterfeit and pirated products 3. Digitally pirated products 21 sub-Saharan African nations discovered that 55 percent of anti-malarial drugs failed chemical testing due to insufficient (or complete lack) of the active ingredients Learn More About Anti-Counterfeiting at: presented by: CAMCODE Traceability Solutions Sources: y-Peru-police-seize-2m-fake-U-S-currency-1-5-milion-euros.html -than-ever-to-make.htrml id=EL efforts-treat-dangerous-diseases -africa-asia/920037.html /More-fake-money-hitting-streets&template=fullarticle -than-ever-to-make.html ospace-and-defense-market pter 5_022812.pdf code-lego-scam/ DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

Cash Me If You Can

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Counterfeiting doesn't just pertain to money. Counterfeiting is a big deal in the US and is costing the economy millions of dollars.




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