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Can I Become A Millionaire If I Invest In The Stock Market?

Can I Become A MILLIONAIRE If I Invest in the Stock Market? Successful investing in the stock market combines aggressive short-term strategies. staying ahead of the curve, without losing sight of stable long-term growth. However. the largest returns come with the greatest risk. wwww PINK SHEETS PINK SHEETS OTC Trading in penny stocks is a short term strategy and is definitely not for your retirement accounts. ะจ Penny stocks are small thinly traded stocks that cost less than $5 per share but can be substantially profitable for those willing to take a risk. The volatility of penny stocks creates a great deal of opportunity. BUY TODAY SELL TOMORROW Penny stocks have more CATALYST is the most important When brokers are pumping a penny stock, investors can rest assured this will PREDICTABLE PATTERNS. And thing to consider when success is about staying ahead of the masses. buying stocks. FDA approval, Mergers. eventually dump and the stock will be worth much new patent, new contract will make the less. WATCH THE PROMOTER'S stock go up. HISTORY FOR SIGNS of when this will take place. EMERGING = MARKETS Major gains can be made by investing in corporations or development projects located within a foreign sate or less developed country. RISKIER INVESTMENTS 52% VERSUS 26% Keep in mind, emerging markets can be less stable and come with greater risk. Emerging markets promise volatile growth rates with better returns than are ayailable in developed countries. ERETIREMENT SAVINGS Safer investments balance the risk of your portfolio for the long term. For long-term investment, choose the most profitable companies. TURN $100,000 IN TO $1 MILLION Profit ShareHolder TODAY Capital TOMORROW RETURN ON EQUITY It is a measure of how efficiently a firm uses shareholder capital to churn out profits. The MSCI USA Quality Index of high-ROE companies with stable earnings growth posted annualized returns of 11.6% over the past quarter-century -- 1.7 points better than the S&P 500. At that rate, a $100,000 investment would grow to $1 million in 21 years--4 years sooner than via the broad market. SMART - SAVINGS $$$ Once you are making money, smart saving is critical to keeping it and continuing to grow. Smart saving is key to long-term successS. SET GOALS Write out and visualize your savings goals. IRA GOAL SETTING A SAVINGS ACCOUNT THAT PREVENTS WITHDRAWALS Using a savings account that prevents withdrawals over certain pertods can lead to maximized savings. CREATE SOCIAL PRESSURE Sharing your goals with family and friends creates a positive social pressure to follow through with your plan. Make some of your savings difficult to access through IRA and 401(k) accounts or 529 college savings plans. TIPS & TRICKS TO MAKE ABOVE AVERAGE RETURNS. YOU MUST THINK DIFFERENT THAN THE AVERAGE. ONLY THROUGH HIGH RISK, HIGH VOLATILITY SITUATIONS CAN SUBSTANTIALLY HIGH. RAPID PROFITS BE MADE. Nobody wins on every trade but with the right strategies. you can win more than you lose. Investing for growth, while keeping an eye on smart, safe saving for the long term will balance your portfolio. THE MOST SUCCESSFUL INVESTORS HAVE IRON NERVES AND ARE WILLING TO TAKE SMARI RISKS. CHOOSE STOCKS THE BEST TIMES TO INVEST OFTEN FOLLOW PERIODS WHEN PEOPLE LOST A GREAT DEAL OF MONEY. TRADING AT REASONABLE VALUATIONS ALWAYS ASK YOURSELF: CHOOSE COMPANIES WITH GROWING CASH "WILL I BE ABLE TO SELL THIS STOCK AT A HIGHER FLOW. WHICH CAN OFTEN LEAD TO ABOVE-AVERAGE PROFIT AND DIVIDEND GROWIH. PRICE IN THE FUTURE?" TIM TIMOTHYSYKES.COM SOURCES: 10

Can I Become A Millionaire If I Invest In The Stock Market?

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Infographic that enlists some tips and tricks of how to invest in stock market and generate wealth.


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