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Can Astronauts Get Life Insurance? The Costs Of Insuring The World's Riskiest Jobs.

RISKY BUSINESS From astronauts to snake milkers, we take a look at the life insurance costs for some of the most dangerous jobs on planet Earth.. and beyond... IS THERE LIFE INSURANCE ON MARS? We asked 15 major insurance companies if they would insure astonauts on future missions to Mars.. The answer was... Probably not! But... Astronauts CAN get life insurance, providing they stay in lower earth orbit. Annual premium would be an out of this world... $25,466 MEANWHILE BACK ON EARTH... You don't have to leave Terra Firma to face a hefty hike in your life insurance. Here are the annual premiums* of some other high risk professions. Building Demolition $2,966 Tunnel Construction $2,966 Coal Miner $2,966 Deep Sea Diver $15,466 Submariner $25,466 Circus Trapeze Artist $3,966 Lion Tamer $5,466 THE BIGGEST... The largest life insurance policy ever issued was taken out in 2013 by a Silicon Valley billionaire and has a whopping $201million value. The plan cost "in the low digit millions" [1] Horse Trainer $2,966 $2,966| Snake Milker Jockey $5,466 Stuntman $7,466 $2,966 (p Bar Tender * quote basis: 40 year old male,10 year term, value of $1,000,000 DID YOU KNOW? Neil Armstrong could not afford to take out a life insurance policy for his trip to the moon. Neil Armstrong 1930-2012 So he signed hundreds of covers - envelopes autographed and postmarked on important dates - knowing they would be worth a fortune if the worst were to happen. NASA The autographs are still around and these days can fetch up to $30,000! [2] NOW FOR SOME GOOD NEWS... If you don't happen to be an astronaut, a lion tamer, or a snake milker (yes, there is such a thing), the average $1,000,000 life insurance policy for a 40 year old non-smoker is just $466 per annum. References: Local Life Agents 1. 2.

Can Astronauts Get Life Insurance? The Costs Of Insuring The World's Riskiest Jobs.

shared by favrify on Jan 19
With manned missions to Mars planned for the not too distant future, we thought it would be fun to find out whether Mars astronauts could get life insurance, and at the same time find out the costs of...


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