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Buying a new car

Buying a new car 33 The benefits of new cars Pros X Cons More advanced Wide choice Loss of value in technology first three years Fuel efficiency Warranty included t Higher price You choose specifications No MOT in first X three years The benefits of nearly new cars Pros Cons May still have warranty Less choice available Cheaper than a new car Most benefits of Potential lower sale value Less depreciation a new car 5 questions to consider before you buy City driving or long commute? Environmentally friendly? 3 or 5 doors? Child friendly safety features? How much boot and passenger space? Consider your budget Create a budget Can you trade in your existing car? Insurance Breakdown cover Fuel Maintenance Payment options Loans Other options LEASE Finance direct Borrow from a Hire purchase - pay in instalments Lease a car bank or building society Buy the car outright if you from dealership have the funds Plan the purchase Do research What type? Check out independent car reviews Test drive a few models Consider budget and running costs Family car 4x4 Two-seater Diesel vs petrol Petrol Diesel Price Fuel economy over 30,000 miles Retaining value Electric pros & cons Pros X Cons Most environmentally friendly option More expensive than other fuel models III0000 Very low cost to charge Fewer options available ТАX Free to tax Often limited in speed Require no fuel Recharging can take 6-8 hours Hybrid cars TAX Combine fuel with electric motor Lower road tax Fewer CO, emissions More models than electric Where to find a new car Research: Dealers O Franchised dealers Resale values: Showrooms which brands Brokers depreciate more/less Online from manufacturers Online: services Buying online could save you money You can order online, from specialist dealerships LATEST MODELS search Option nationwide Or order directly from manufacturers Test driving Always test drive! Make sure you do so on a variety of roads (city, country, motorway) Is the steering responsive? Are all the gears Are there any Do all easy to find and warning lights visible? electronics work engage? as they should? Is the engine Is the bite point excessively high? Are there any unusual Are the brakes responsive? quiet and smooth? vibrations from the suspension? The buy Make sure all registration details are V5C correct Is all the relevant paperwork in place? DVLA The dealer normally takes care of registration Sainsbury's Bank

Buying a new car

shared by Suzy on Jul 28
New car purchases are at an all-time high this summer in the UK. Diesel prices are lower than oil for the first time in 15 years, and oil prices are dropping considerably with the current oversupply o...


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