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Buying American Fuel

BUYING AMERICAN FUEL Have you ever wondered where your fuel dollars go? Research shows that the company you buy fuel from can have a HUGE impact on the USA's economy. ww ww ss o od ood oodboood od d FIRST, WHERE DOES THE WORLD'S OIL COME FROM? #1 PRODUCER SAUDI ARABIA 11,726 barrels/day USA 11,110 barrels/day #2 PRODUCER RUSSIA #3 PRODUCER 10,397 barrels/day THE USA CONSUMES 18,555 BARRELS EVERY DAY WHAT DOES THIS COST US? IN 2012- $380 BILLION S700 BILLION MORE THAN HALF! SIS WAS SPENT ON IMPORTED OIL SPENT ON OIL TO PUT $380 BILLION INTO PERSPECTIVE... THAT IS HALF НALF & HALF OUR ANNUAL TRADE DEFICIT IN 2012 OF THE ENTIRE IRAQ WAR BUDGET OF OUR GOVERNMENT'S STIMULUS IN 2009 %3D пШ THE IMPACT OF IMPORTED OIL IN 2012? 60 CENTS OF EVERY $1 OF OIL LEAVES THE U.S. MUCH OF IT GOES OVERSEAS! IF ALL THAT MONEY HAD STAYED IN OUR ECONOMY WE COULD HAVE RAISER THE 2.9% GDP BY GENERATED AND CREATED $1 TRILLION 3 MILLION IN NEW ECONOMIC ACTIVITY NEW JOBS HOW DO WE KEEP THAT MONEY IN OUR ECONOMY? BUY FUEL! AMERICAN TOP 3 REASONS TO BUY AMERICAN FUEL: CREATE JOBS REDUCE DEFICIT REDUCE COSTS Energy freedom could reduce our cost towards securing foreign oil sources. Every 1 billion of trade defict costs Oil imports account for more than half of the U.S. trade deficit. 27,000 potential jobs in the U.S. WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT IT? &a BUY BUY AMERICAN HOME HEATING OIL AUTOMOTIVE FUELS FROM THESE DISTRUBUTORS Using a company who either supplies or produces American-made fuel is the best way to support the U.S. reducing our foreign oil dependence, and creating more jobs. AMERIgreen 100'AmericanFuel AERO Bishop Moye OEHLERT BROS. Ine. FUELS THE ENERGY EXPERTS Reilly & Sons, Ine. SELF WORLEY Family Owned & Operated Since 1976 OBETZ Heating & Cooling, Inc. SOURCES Created by AMERIgreen AMERIgfeen Energy, Inc. AMERIgreen fuels are only available regionally in a distributor territory.

Buying American Fuel

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Most people aren’t aware that they have a choice in picking where their fuel comes from. When buying American energy, you support the American economy, create American jobs, and increase American en...


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