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The Business of the Black Market

The Black Market The Business of 1/2 of the world's working population is employed in the The $10 trillion global black market is the world's fastest growing economy and is only black market. rivaled in total value by the U.S.'s $14 trillion That's over 1.8 GDP. Shadow entrepreneurs are making huge pocket profits "off the books" by ped- dling trinkets in illegal street stalls and billion jobs. By 2020, that half is expected to alleyways- but how does it all add up? And better yet, how does it impact culture? become 2/3. While a lot of the black THESE MARKETS ENJOY PROFITS FAR HIGHER THAN MANY COUNTRIES. market funnels drugs and The average black firearms, many shadow market is worth entrepreneurs make their $21 billion. money in "legitimate" professions as: Street Vendors That's higher than the GDP of 40% of the world's countries THE WORLD'S TOP 10 BLACK MARKETS (IN BILLIONS) 600 Salvagers DRUG TRAFFICKING OTHER BLACK 500 MARKETS 400 Self-made Taxi Drivers 300 00000 200 Counterfeit Cellphone Merchants 100 Bogus Pharmaceuticals: U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry: GAMBLING $200 BILLION $235 BILLION ILLEGAL GAMBLING IN ASIA, NET WORTH: $500 BILLION LEGAL GAMBLING WORLDWIDE, NET WORTH: $335 BILLION TOGETHER, THAT'S MORE THAN THE U.S. SPENDS ON EDUCATION ANNUALLY. In 2006 the CDC reported Enough malaria and tubercu- losis deaths happen every that for every person who overdosed on heroin, six year in Africa due to bogus people ODed on prescription opiates like morphine. Today prescription overdoses medications to fill 14,000 school buses. account for more deaths than cocaine and heroin combined. PROSTITUTION & AIDS In one study, girls involved in prostitution were 4X more likely to have a history of injection drug use than girls not involved in the industry. And though many factors contribute to the spread of HIV – it's worthwhile to dig a little deeper. Prostitution Industry (BILLIONS OF DOLLARS) HIV+ Female POPULATION IN 10.000s CZECH REPUBLIC BULGARIA TURKEY ISRAEL PHILIPPINES SWITZERLAND NETHERLANDS JAMAICA MALAYSIA CAMBODIA INDONESIA UKRAINE THAILAND GDP per Person AÃn Total HIV+ (THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS) POPULATION IN 10,00OS TTTTITTTTTTT CAMBODIA PHILIPPINES INDONESIA UKRAINE THAILAND JAMAICA BULGARIA MALAYBIA TURKEY CZECH REPUBLIC NETHERLANDS SWITZERLAND THE ENVIRONMENT IF THE BLACK MARKET WAS A SOVEREIGN NATION, IT WOULD BE THE WORLD'S 2ND LARGEST ECONOMIC SUPERPOWER. According to the National Drug Intelligence Center, Colombia had a potential cocaine production capacity of 535 tons in 2007. ********.... And create enough Enough to contaminate 220 million plastic bottles waste to stuff 488 gar- worth of water a year. bage trucks per day. ..... ...--... ·..... ......: FOR A PROFIT OF OVER $8 BILLION. There is more oil bunkered illegally in Nigeria in a day than the daily oil output of Japan, Italy, and Germany combined. 3,700,000X That would generate enough gasoline to drive a car 3.7 million circles around the Earth. As urbanization of the developing world continues to skyrocket, the shadow will begin to eclipse the global economy. Shadow entrepreneurs will continue to pocket tax-free profits and illicit trade will continue to grow. Experts say this is only the beginning. Is this the economy of the future? Created by: wwwwwwwwww HTTP://WW w. HAVOCScOPE.COM/REGIONS-MAINIUNITED -STATES/ HTTP://Www.FORBES.COM/SITES/BENZINGAINSI GHTS/2011/11/07/RISE OF -THE-SHADOW-ECONOMY-SECOND-LARGEST-ECONOM Y-IN-THE-WORLD/ HTTP://WW W.LIBRARY.CA.GOVICRB/97/03/CHAPT9. HTML HTTP://WW w.SCIENTIFICA MERICAN.COM/ARTICLE.CFM?ID=PRESCRIPTION-DRUG-DEATHS HTTP://wWW. AVERT.O RG/AIDS-RUSSIA. HTM HTTP://wW w.UNODC.ORG/DOCUMENTS/DATA - AND- ANALYSIS/WDR2011/WORLD DRUG REPORT 2011_EBOOK.PDF HTTP://ARCHIVE.TRUTHOUT. ORG/111208HA HTTP://WW W.FOREIGNPOLICY.COM/ARTICLES/2011/10/28/BLACK MARKET GLOBAL ECONOMY ?PAGE = 0,3 HTTP://wWW.FREAKONOMICS.COM/2011/11/01/THE-BLACK-MARKET -IS- THE-SECOND-LARGEST-ECONOMY -IN-THE-WORLD/ HTTP://AFP. GOOGLE.COM/ARTICLE/ALEQM5GWPOFK4YHIVB24NK1IVQ3OGNFLMG HTTP://WW W.FORBES.COM/2007/02/15/DEPRESSION-WORLD-RATE- FORBESLIFE-CX_AVD0216 DEPRESSED SLIDE 15. HTML ?THISSPEED= UNDEFINED HTTP://WW W.ECONOMIST.COM/NODE/16539402 HTTP://WW W. AFRICANLIBERTY. ORG/PDF/KEEPINGITREAL.PDF HTTP://Www.CDC.GOV/HOMEANDRECREATIONALSAFETY/PDF/POISION-ISSUE-BRIEF, PDF HTTP://WW w.JUSTICE.GOV/NDIC/PUBS31/31379/COCAINE.HTM HTTP://wW W.NCBI. NLM. NIH.GOV/PUBMED/12 460672 HTTP://www.CITYOFVANCOUVER.US/UPLOAD/CONTENTS/520/FINALREPORTCANWEIGHTSTUD Y.PDF HTTP://WW W.PBS.ORG / WGBH/PAGES/FRONTLINE/SHOWS/DRUGS/SPECIAL/MATH. HTML HTTP://WWW.EIA.GOVITOOLS/FAOS/FAQ.CFM ?ID= 24 &T= 10 HTTP://DAILYTIMES. COM.NG/ARTICLE/N37TN -LOST-YEARLY-ILLEGAL-BUNKERING-NIGERIA HTTP://WW W.EPA.GOV/OTAQ/CONSUMER/FOO013. HTM HTTP://SOLARSYSTEM.NASA.GOVIPLANETS/ HTTP://CDIAC.ORNL. GOV/PNS/FA Q. HTML HTTP://wW W. PACINST.ORG/TOPICS/WATER AND SUSTAINABILITY/BOTTLED WATER/BOTTLED_WATERAND ENERGY.HTML HTTP://EN. WIKIPEDIA. ORG/WIKI/OIL RESERVES HTTP://NCES. ED.GOV/FASTFACTS/DISPLAY. ASP?ID=66 HTTP://HIVINSITE.UCSF. EDU/ This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. BY NC ND UNATES CHINA MEXICO SPAIN ITALY APAN CANADA KINGDOM RUSSIA GERMANY

The Business of the Black Market

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The $10 trillion global black market is the world's fastest growing economy and is only rivaled in total value by the U.S.'s $14 trillion GDP. Shadow entrepreneurs are makinghuge pocket profits "off t...


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