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Bridges not Bombs

BRIDGES NOT BOMBS 10 YEARS OF AFGHANISTAN WAR SPENDING E WASTED RESOURCES US ANNUAL WAR COSTS $TOTAL SPENT BILLIONS 459 i = $10 BILLION 2011 2010 2009 2008 $ GLOBAL MILITARY SPENDING 2007 UNITED STATES [77%] 2006 i 2005 i 2004 2003 i 2002 iii CANADA [3%) CHINA (13%] RUSSIA [6%) IRAN [1%] $235.6 BILLION The increase in the Pentagon's annual "Base" budget (not including war costs or nuclear weapons activities) from FY2000 to FY2011. WHAT WE COULD HAVE SPENT THAT MONEY ON 44 69.223 680,000 BRIDGES THAT NEED TO BE REPAIRED ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHERS FOR 10 YEARS 0770,000 15MILLION POLICE OFFICERS FOR 10 YEARS UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIPS FOR 4 YEARS STATE BUDGETS $103 MILLION 2011 Share of Afghan War Costs $122 MILLION 2012 Projected Shortfall The failing economy and the cost of war have crippled state and local budgets, leading to massive layoffs in the public sector and threatening Americans' access to health care, education and job training. If we didn't have to pay for the war in Afghanistan, every state budget in America could be balanced right now. RI.P. CASUALTIES 14,000 WAR CASUALTIES 2001-2011. INJURIES 650,000 The number of U.S. war veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan who have been treated by the US Veterans Administration. 29 1,801 The percentage of those veterans who have been treated for 382 570 post traumatic stress syndrome. U.S. U.K. OTHER CIVILIANS Information for this project was gathered from the following sources: The National Priorities Project, the American Society of Civil Engineers, the Veterans Administration, Transportation for America,, the Congressional Research Service and the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. US ACTION

Bridges not Bombs

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10 years ago this week, the U.S. declared a war in Afghanistan. A decade later, it's hard to imagine what our country would be like without this war. Nothing can replace the thousands of brothers, sis...


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