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Brazilian Agribussiness

BRAZILIAN AGRIBUSINESS in figures Grains Evolution in production 1960 - 2010 Sources:USDA and Brazlian Ministry of Ag riculture, Livestock and Food Supply If Brazil was to maintain the same technology as in the 60's, it would have to occupy nowadays more than 145 million hectares of land +774% Rise in Production 1960 2010 Population (million) l 190-7 70 Grain production (million tons) 17.2 150.8 Area (million hectares) 47-5 22 Productivity (kilos by hectares) 783 3,173 Livestock Beef: evolution in production 1960 - 2010 Sourcesi USDA and Brazlan Ministry of Ag ricuhure, Livestock and Food Supply +251% Growth in Cattle If Brazil was to maintain the same technology as in the 6o's, it would have to use nowadays more than 259 million hectares for land to pasture +39% Growth in Area 1960 i 2010 Cattle (million of heads) 58 204 Pasture Land (million of hectares) 122.3 G vN 170 Productivity (head by hectares) 0.47 1.2 Actual and future production Projections for meat and grains 31.2 175.8 A 26.8% A23% 2050 31.2 175.8 A 26.8% A23% 2021 24.6 135-4 2010 Beef, pork broiler Rice, bean soybean, corn, wheat O million tons million tons Production Expansion Sources USDA and Brazilan Ministry of Ag ricuhure 2021 MATOPIBA 16.7 Milion tons of grains Area comprising the States of Maranhão, Tocantins, Piauí and Bahia with great potencial in agribusiness Production and exports Cotton Beef Celulosis Soybean Chicken Paper Carbon Emission Sources USDA and Braolon Ministry of Ag riculture, Livestock and Food Supply Brazil has a sustainable and competitive agriculture model and is pioneer in supporting programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture Carbon Emission Sabo ist China 7.7 billion tons LOW CARBON HORICULYURE PROGRAM 2nd USA 5.4 billion tons India 3rd 1.6 billion tons Per Capita 14° Brazil 420 million tons יור 49° 79° 85° India 32 tonslyear China 5.69 tonslyear Brasil 2.15 tons/year USA 2.15 tonslyear Exports in 2010 Sources USDA and Brazilian Ministry of Ag riculture, Livestock and Food Supply 215 markets in more than 180 countries US$ 76 BILLION EXPORTS US$20 BILLION BRAZILIAN TRADE SURPLUS US$63 BILLION BRAZILIAN AGRIBUSINESS TRADE SURPLUS 2010 RANKING Brazilian Production and Exports Ranking Sources USDA and Braglan Ministry of lo cuture, Unezockand FoodSupoly Brazil plays a leading role as a global supplier of agribusiness products 19 *ר 3° Sugar Orange Soybean Beef Tobacco Ethanol Broiler juice Coffee Com Pork 4° 3° 2 으 PRODUCTION EXPORTS KKKK =>>>

Brazilian Agribussiness

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Infographics of Brazilian farmland and crops for the Secretary of Agriculture. The client wanted a sober design to explain abou Brazilian crops.


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