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Bizarre Tax Deductions

B1ZA 코코 흐 AK DEDUCTIONS (How Many of Tese Can Save You Money?) Taking Care OF BUSINESS You know you can deduct the price of those shiny new pencils. But here are a few of the more surprising business deductions out there, if they are directly related to conducting your business. MUSICIANS CAN DEDUCT BUSINESS EXPENSES BY TAKING SUCH STEPS AS: DEDUCTIBLE ITEMS INCLUDE: * Obtaining a business license * Instruments and equipment * Incorporating their band Demo CD/tape duplication costs DON'T FORGET THE STARVING ARTISTS – EXPENSES RELATED TO ART ARE DEDUCTIBLE IF: Adjusted gross income is Theyie had 2+ Expenses on the job are $16,000 KORE TTT10% employers & earned $200+ from each of income or less In 2000, one couple was allowed to deduct $300 for feeding stray Oils for body builders? Yep, in one case only, a professional body builder went to tax court and the court ruled that special oils used to prepare for competition were deductible. cats as a business expense, since they own a junkyard, and the cats deterred rats and snakes ACCIDENTS HAT PPN ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE FANS AREN'T LEFT OUT IN THE COLD. Tax-deductible medical treatments, depending on whether they're deemed “medically necessary" for you by your physician, include: Vitamies A swimming pool Vitamins and Acupuncture supplements if prescribed A Navajo medicine man's songs (according to a 1980 case only) IF THERE'S A CHEAPER • OPTION, YOU MIGHT NOT TITI AMAN TRIED TO DEDUCT GOLF EXPENSES FOR eL TREATING EMPHYSEMA – BUT IT WAS RULED BE ABLE TO DEDUCT THAT WALKING IS CHEAPER THAN GOLF Hot Qust Kid Stuff THEY'RE MORE THAN JUST DEPENDENTS. In one tax court case, clarinet Next time Johnny wants to bring home If you live in Wisconsin, cloth a stray cat, let him – the costs of diapers are sales tax-free; not so if you go disposable lessons claimed to be conducted to correct tooth misalignment for fostering dogs or cats as they await a child were deemed tax-deductible placement is tax-deductible NO OF YOU SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES – OR JUST LIVING IN THE RIGHT STATE – CAN MEAN TAX BREAKS FOR A SPECIAL FEW. Hawaiians with "exceptional" Whaling captains who donate whale meat can claim up to $10,000 in charitable deductions – but since whaling is illegal in the U.S., only Eskimo captains can claim it Cowboy boots are free from sales trees in their yards may be able tax in Texas – but you'll pay for to deduct up to $0,000 to maintain the tree those hiking boots Whether youre a WHALER. A WISCONSINITE. OR A WASHBOARD PLAYER. TAX SOFTWARE WILL MAKE SURE YOU GET EVERY DEDUCTION AND CREDIT YOU DESERVE. inturt. The Fiscal Times | | The Washington Times | U.S. News & World Report | | | | Tax Foundation TurboTax.

Bizarre Tax Deductions

shared by killerinfographics on Mar 19
Let's take a look at some of the most bizarre tax deductions and see how many of these can save you money!


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