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Best & Worst Days in Stock Market History

THE AND BEST WORST 1929 2013 DAYS IN STOCK MARKET HISTORY 1929 OCTOBER 29 Stock market crash known as Black Tuesday that signified the height of the Great Depression. MARCH 15 1933 When FDR became president on March 4, 1933, a national bank holiday was declared. Stocks soared when trading resumed on March 15th. The Dow closed at 62.1, a 15.34% gain over 12 days prior. 1987 OCTOBER 19 Known as Black Monday that sae largest ever percentage drop of -22.6%. MARCH 16 2000 Traders on Wall Street celebrated as a rally sent the index soaring 499.19 points. 2001 OCTOBER 19 Followed the longest trading pause since the Great Depression. Trading resumed following the Sept. 11 attacks. Dow Jones decreased 15% in one day largely due to weakness in airline stocks. OCTOBER 9 2007 All time high. Closed at 14,164.43. But By March 5, 2009, it had fallen more than 50% to 6,594.44. 2008 SEPTEMBER 29 The U.S. House of Representatives rejected the government's $700 billion bank bailout plan. This drop represented $1.2 trillion in market value. News that Wachovia had to sell its banking assets to Citigroup came the same day. All this got compounded by the collapse of multiple European banks. OCTOBER 13 Stocks rallied worldwide, Oil climbed from a 13-month low after governments in Europe, the U.S. and Asia agreed to support banks. The Dow gained 936.42 points. OCTOBER 15 Subprime mortgage crisis. Recession talk fueled a 7.9% decline. A weak sales report, poor forecasts from the U.S. Federal Reserve, and bleak comments from Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke all contributed. Subprime financial crisis-related events that triggered the top 2 largest single-day Dow drops also account for the 4th, 5th and 10th, largest. OCTOBER 28 Markets surged as credit started to thaw. The Fed's debt-buying program gained traction. The Dow gained 889.35 points. NOVEMBER 13 The Dow saw a late-day rally after stocks were either in the red or flat for most of the day. The Dow approached a low for the year, triggering automated buy orders, which contributed to the rebound. The Dow gained 552.59 points. MARCH 23 2009 The Treasury's plan to help banks remove toxic assets from their balance sheets sparked a huge rally. Investors received betterthan expected news on existing home sales. The Dow gained 497.48 points. 2011 AUGUST 8 Wall Street suffered its worst drop since 2008's subprime crisis. Caused by news that the United States might lose its AAA credit rating. U.S. stocks declined 15% over the two weeks leading up to the Aug. 8 fall. DECEMBER 31 2013 The Dow climbed 27.36% in 2013 TIM TIMOTHYSYKES.COM SOURCES:

Best & Worst Days in Stock Market History

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This infographic covers the most significant days in stock market history.


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