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Benefits of Forex Trading

WHY TRADE FOREX? YOU GET FREE EDUCATION You can get a free training course From most brokers HAS LESS "OVERNIGHT GAPS" THAN STOCKS Asthe market only clases over weekend you don't get the same daily gaps that you find when trading stocks COSTS ARE LOW You only pay the "spread which can be relativoly small compared to trading stocks ISA 24 HOUR MARKET You can trade any time of day, including in the ovening after work. TRADE IN A STYLE THAT SUITS YOU You can "day trade" ar hold positions for the long-torm or everything in-between. TRADE FROM ANYWHERE YOU CAN GET INTERNET Forox trading is often the market of choice for traders interested in a more mobile lifestyle. THERE ARE LOTS OF WAYS TO MANAGE RISK You can place stop loss orders to help protect your trados. NON-CORRELATED WITH THE STOCK MARKET when the stocik market goes down your currency trade could go up. YOU CAN USELEVERAGE Leverage allows you to choose to take larger positions. 200 YOU CAN PRACTICE GO LONG AND SHORT RISK-FREE EASILY You get a practice account so you can try Forex trading with *monopoly" monay. You can look to profit from rising or faling markets. SOFTWARE IS FREE SUITED TO YOU CAN GET STARTED THE FOREX Your broker wil provido you with acvanced trading software for fre. TECHNICAL START SHALL WITH ONLY Sa00 You can opon a For trading MARKET IS Minimum trade sizes are very small so you ANALYSIS VERY LIQUID You can trade Forex by identitying chart patterns You can get out of your trades quickly account wth as can skowty get your foot wet. little as $200 to get started and there are no sot-up foes axí

Benefits of Forex Trading

shared by matthewsmoothy on Jun 01
Discover the many benefits of forex trading and dive into the world's largest financial market, with over $6 trillion traded daily. Visit for more info.


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