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Beginners Guide to Investing

Beginners Guide to Investing How To Make Money In Stock In 3 Easy Steps Step Know Who You Are Trading Against 1 Hogs Hogs usually read a few trading books and take 1 trading course and think they know all there is about the stock market. Hogs usually end up in the slaughter house. There Are Sheep Only 3 Market Players Sheep watch GURU's on stock market shows, wanting the Guru's to tell them what stock to buy. They refuse to learn how to invest their own money. They end up in the slaughter house Professional Bo Professionals Professionals do their own research, they always seem to always make money. Step The Right Way To Find High Quality Stocks 2 Ask Your Broker? You Know AIII The Wrong Ways Now Let Me Show You Ask A Friend? The Right Way Ask Your Mom, She Always Knows Best! Go where the professional traders find their stocks. Visit: Cnn Ask Your Buddies at The Gym? Always Add A 200 Day Period MA On All Charts Step 3 200 Day Moving Avergae Rules When a stock's price is trading above the 200 day moving average, the stock is BULLISH FSLR Frst Solw ne. Nasdaq SM Open 47.40 High 48.72 Low 39 84 Close 41 02 Volume 40.8M Chg-0.28 (-13.28%) NFSLR -AS 20 1.02 -MAI200 106 voluna 07 When a stock's price is trading $ below the 200 day moving average, the stock is BEARISH 100M The stock's price in this example is trading below the 200 day moving average, therefore, the stock is bearish, don't buy the stock until the price goes above the 200 ma. 60M 25M nlan SON D 11 F MAMJJASON D 12 FMA MJJASOND 13 FMAMIJA Stock Market For Beginners School A school dedicted to teaching beginner investors how to make money in the stock market and unleashing their trading genuis 1+2= Sheep Hogs

Beginners Guide to Investing

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Beginners Guide to Investing: How to make money in stocks in 3 easy steps. A step by step guide to understanding the stock market, knowing who the major players are, and how to pick stocks that will a...




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