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Banknote Security Around The World

BANKNOTE SECURITY a AROUND THE WORLD O The United States Dollar ($100) 3. 3D Security Ribbon The 3D security ribbon is woven into the paper, not printed. 1. Raised ONE HUN DRED D OLLARS 100 100 Printing Benjamin Franklin's shoulder on the left side is raised, feeling rough to the touch. Genuine Federal Reserve notes have a distinctive texture due H. TONTED STATES DEAMERIOA FEDERALRESERVE NOTE LG 04727792 * FOR ALL ERT LEANE P G7 JULY 4. 1176 whad n LG 04727792 4. Color Shifting Ink Tilting the note transforms the bell in the inkwell and the numeral 100 from copper to green. to enhanced intaglio printing. 100 Obverse: Founding Father Benjamin Franklin THE UNITEDSTATES OFAMERICA IN GOD WE TRUST 293570 A 5. Distinct 2. Portrait Paper Federal Reserve paper is 4 linen and 34 cotton, and contains blue and red security fibers. Watermark Shining a light on the bill reveals a faint image of Benjamin Franklin in D the blank space, visible from both sides. Reverse: Independence Hall ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS The Singapore Dollar ($1,000) 1. Encik Ysuof Portrait The hand-engraved intaglio ink portrait of Encik Yusof is difficult to reproduce. sPRARtdai IGPO 1000 4. Fluorescent Fibers Invisible fluorescent fibers are laced 2. Embossed Ink ÖNE THOUSAND DOLLARS through paper notes that glow under UV light. The intaglio printing is raised for a distinct embossed feel, especially the word "Singapore". The tactile nature of the bill also helps the visually handicapped determine the denomination. 1000 UABT429 INGAPORE Obverse: Yusof bin Ishak, 1st President of Signapore SIŅGAPOŘE 1000 ARS 5. Polymer Singapore Arms The gold Singapore Lion symbol has an image of the Singapore Arms embedded within that will appear when titled at varying angles. 3. Microscript The entire lyrics of 'Ma Signapura' 00 are printed on the back 1000 in microsript. Reverse: Government Building The Canadian Dollar ($100) Canada 100 1. Sir Robert Borden 3. Maple Leaf Border Portrait A portrait of Canada's 8th Prime Minister is 100 A row of maple leaves cross into the large clear window alongside the East Block building. ME printed with raised ink. A colorized holographic version is housed in the large clear window. Obverse: Robert Borden, 8th Prime Minister of Canada 100 Canada 4. Maple Leaf Outline The frosted maple leaf has a transparent outline. 2. Color-shift Building This metallic representation of the East Block building shifts color as the note is tilted, visible on both sides. 100 OPECIME JHS2912607 JHS2912607 Reverse: Medical research, DNA helix, vial of insulin The Australian Dollar ($5) 1. Flying Bird Shifting the note causes the Eastern Spinebill to move its wings and change color in the top-to-bottom window. 3. Polymer Material Australian notes are printed on polymer that returns back to shape after it is scrunched up. SPECIMEN SPECIMEN AUSTRALIA 4. Rolling Color Patch Obverse: Queen Elizabeth II The prickly moses patch has a rolling color effect when shifted, visible on both sides of the note. A USTRALIA GPD CIMEN 2. Fluorescent Bird A vibrant image of an Eastern Spinebill glows in UV light. 5. Reversing 5 The '5' within the Federation Pavilion changes direction when tilted. Reverse: Parliament House, Canberra The Euro (€200) с ВСЕ ЕСВ EZB EKT EКР 2002 200 2. Hologram Doorway Tilting the bill reveals the note value and a spec 4URO 1. Security Thread vibrant rolling spectrum around a window/doorway. 200 When viewed against light, a dark line running through the note with the word "EURO" and the value Obverse: Window in Art Nouveau style in tiny letters can be seen. 00 so0000004795 ecime 20 3. Infrared Properties Infrared light reveals only the right-side of the main image. 0000004795 Reverse: Art Nouveau bridge and map of Europe EURO ΕΥΟΙ. 200 The Mexican Peso ($1,000) 1. Linear Background Colorful lines cover bank notes. These are difficult to duplicate because photocopy machines print dots instead of lines. 2. Perfect Banco de México/ Register Impressions on both sides unite to form a map of Mexico and a compass rose when viewed against light. CIMEN Obverse: Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, leader of the Mexican War of Independence A0000000 Banco de México 3. Folio Numbers 200-1000 peso banknotes have two folio numbers that must match in order for the bill to be authentic. Mil Pesos Reverse: University of Guanajuato The Japanese Yen (¥10,000) 10000 10000 EY866539 P 白 本 銀行 3. Luminescent Ink The Governor's seal glows orange under UV light, with some background patterns glowing yellowish-green. 1. Watermark 着 万 円 Bar Pattern Three vertical watermark bars appear when held up to the light. It is difficult to reproduce with personal computers. Obverse: Yukichi Fukuzawa, 2. Latent Meiji era philosopher and founder of Keio University 4. Pearl Ink Image When viewed from a certain angle, "10000" appears on the obverse and "Nippon" ("Japan" in Japanese) appears on the reverse. NIPPON GINKO 10000 A semi-transparent pearl ink pattern appears in the blank margins on the left and right. 10000 YEN Reverse: Höö phoenix from Byödō-in Temple The United Kingdom's Pound Sterling (£50) 1. Raised Print 50 COank of Raised print distinguishes the words 'Bank of England' and the number 50. .. 3. See-through Register Irregularly colored shapes printed on the front and back of the note combine to form the £ symbol when held up to the light. Chia Sala ER 2. Print Quality The printed colors and lines are sharp and clear, with no blurred edges or smudges that inferior counterfeit printers may create. Fifty Obverse: Queen Elizabeth II| Try Rounds £50 Reverse: Matthew Boulton, leading entrepreneur during the Industrial Revolution, and James Watt, innovator of the steam engine 4. Watermark The Queen's portrait and a bright £50 appears within the note when held up to the light. Tarhink el ntirie Bank of Englaund HATTHEW DOULTON 116O JAMES WATT 1734-19 AH25 287886 The Swiss Franc (100 kr) 1. Iriodin Digits The denomination is 100 100 printed in shimmering, transparent color that shifts in normal light. 3. Microtext A short text about the featured individual is printed in tiny font only legible with a magnifying glass. 100 100 2. Perforated Digits Fine perforations make up the denomination, which serves as a security feature and helps the visually impaired. 4. Tactile Element A symbol, different for every denomination, perceptible to touch is embossed on the lower edge of the front, aiding the visually impaired. 2. Obverse: Alberto Giacometti, iconic sculptor and painter Reverse: L'Homme qui marche Iby Alberto Giacometti, the most expensive sculpture ever sold at an auction The South African Rand (R 50) 1. Microprinting The denomination is printed in the animals to the left of Nelson Mandela, visible only with a magnifying glass. SOUTH AFRICAN RESERVE BANK 3. Security Thread The security thread color differs for each banknote. It is printed with the number, Coat of Arms, and the words "SARB" and "Rand". 0050 50 Obverse: Nelson Mandela, anti-apartheid revolutionary 2. Raised Slashes Raised lines on the right and left sides aid the visually impaired in determining the denomination. IBHANKI ENGUVIMBA YOMZANTSI AFRIKA AJ7434913C 4. Animal The lion featured on the back of the note appears within the circle. 50 BANNGA YA VHUKATI YA AFRIKA TSHIPEMBE Reverse: Lion Sources: original source: :. OK-77429 BANK OF C BANQUE DU CANADA JAB162346780 1000 000L Mil Pesos 1000 Pesos 0001 AH25 287886 98G0892807 Cento Franchi * Cent Francs NCA NAZIONALE SVIZZERA NQUE NATIONALE SUISSE FIFTY RAND AJ7434913 C

Banknote Security Around The World

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Have you ever traveled and received local currency? It may feel like play money, but often it is packed with unique and sophisticated security features that make it difficult to replicate illegally. A...




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