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A Bank Robbery Occurs Every Hour

A Bank Robbery Occurs Every Hour -FBI Bank Crime Státistics 2009 Bank robberies are more common than you may think. If you find yourself in the middle of a robbery, following a few simple rules will help you survive the incident and perhaps catch the robber. BANK Help Catch the Crook by Noticing These Things Banks Robbed In 2009 5,943 Physical Characteristics eyes, hair, mannerisms Automobile Description Clothing look for layers under the visible layer (the outer layer will come off) Total Loot Taken Not the most $46 important since it's probably stolen. Note the direction of travel. Weapons the police need to know if the robber is armed Height and Weight million Total Loot Recovered $8 million Scars/Tattoos From the FBI Bank Crime Statistics. According to the report, the actual crime rate is even higher, since not all bank robberies are reported to the FBI. What NOT To Do During A Bank Robbery Don't Try to Stop the Robber by Force Keep in mind that an increasing number of bank robbers are using powerful drugs during the time of the robbery. You don't want to take O chances with an intoxicated person in a desperate situation. By engaging a bank robber you put yourself, and everyone else in the bank, in more danger. It's simply not worth all of the money in the world. Don't Stare or Draw Attention Remember that the bank robber is trying to avoid getting caught, and he probably knows what you're looking for. Staring or Agitating the bank robber can result in harm to yourself and others. Simply follow instructions so that the robber can get out of there as soon as possible. 94 hostages were taken during bank Law enforcement will pursue the robber. robberies in 2009 Don't Compare Notes with Others Each person in the bank has a unique perspective, and you will all remember the details differently. If you you change somebody else's mind, you could harm the investigation. It is best not to discuss the details until you have submitted a statement. t somebody change your perception of events – or if Don't Touch Anything Help others keep the evidence intact. Everybody will be excited, and they may forget that the crime scene cannot be altered. Gently remind them – stressing that the police need the information – that they should not disturb any evidence. t t 21 people were killed in bank robberies in 2009. 100% of those killed were bank robbers 2009 Bank Robbery Methods Demand Note Used 3,269 Firearm Used 1,619 Other Weapon Used 105 Vault or Safe Theft I 29 Total Bank Takeover 306 3 out of 4 bank robbers are caught 2009's Most Bizarre Bank Robbery Weapon hypodermic needle (allegedly infected with aids) Sources:,, CREDITLOAN® REAL ANSWERS. REAL SOLUTIONS.

A Bank Robbery Occurs Every Hour

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Bank robberies are more common than people think. This infogrpahic provides about what not to do during a robbery in order not to get hurt. It also provides information for how to spot a bank robber.


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