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Auto Theft and Car Insurance Ratings

OUTONCHEFT and INSURANCE RATES Every 26 seconds a car is stolen in the U.S. www According to the FBI, there were an estimated Only 715,373 THEFTS 52% of the vehicles were of motor vehicles nationwide in 2011 recovered Auto theft is a top non-violent crime in the U.S Insurance companies, law enforcement and consumers are all responsible in the joint effort to reduce auto thefts. National Insurance Crime Bureau 2012 report TOP 10 METRO AREAS WITH HIGH AUTO THEFT RATES San Francisco / Oakland/Hayward, CA 0 28 220 San Jose /Sunnyvale /Santa Clara, CA 0 11810 Fresno, CA O 0 7 7 6 3 Bakersfield, CA O 06797 Stockton / Lodi, CA O049 4 0 Modesto, CA O0 4 26 0 Top 10 States with MOST AUTO THEFTS Spokane /Spokane Valley, WA 003025 Vallejo /Fairfield, CA 002615 1. California 2. Texas 3. Florida 4. Georgia 5. Illinois 6. Michigan 7. Washington 8. Arizona 9. Ohio 10. New York Yakima, WA O0 16 6 5 Redding, CA O 0 09 3 8 2012 Auto thefts Older vehicles are usually stolen for their parts, which are no longer being manufactured; newer cars are stolen for their popularity. TOP 3 STOLEN VEHICLES 2009 - 2011 $6,000 1994 HONDA ACCORD "Parted out" car value $5,000 $4,000 $3,000 car value $2,000 $2,551 $5,101 $1,000 $0 1998 HONDA CIVIC according to McGoey THIEVES CAN POCKET $30,000 FOR STRIPPING A $20,000 CAR Honda tends to manufacturer interchangeable parts for all its model years, which raises the black market profit on the car parts. 2006 FORD F-150 BEST SELLING TRUCK IN AMERICA, ALWAYS A MARKET FOR PARTS #1 CAR STOLEN AT TAILGATES TOP COLORS STOLEN TOP STOLEN BRANDS INCLUDE WHITE BROWN SILVER Ford NISSAN CHEVROLET. DODGE M ACURA TOYOTA HONDA Vehicle tracking systems such as LoJack cut auto theft rates by using global positioning satellites to keep track of cars. When a theft is reported, police can track and recover the car 95% of the time 2010 MERCEDES BENZ S63 AMG MOST EXPENSIVE CAR EVER STOLEN & RECOVERED by LoJack VALUED AT: $116,825 1948 CHEVY FLEETLINE OLDEST CAR EVER STOLEN & RECOVERED by LoJack WILL MY INSURANCE COVER IT? Not all insurance plans will cover car theft Comprehensive auto insurance will usually cover theft, vandalism, hit & run damage and "Act of God" damage Liability and collision will only cover in the case of a car accident (flood, severe weather, animal damage, fire, falling trees) The average cost of comprehensive auto insurance in the U.S. is $136/YEAR* Comprehensive deductibles usually fall between $0 and $1,000. Paying a higher deductible will lower the annual cost. *Many insurance companies require that the policyholder purchase collision insurance with comprehensive insurance AN ESTIMATED 14% OF U.S. DRIVERS DON'T HAVE ANY KIND OF AUTO INSURANCE. HOW IT'S DONE TOP WAYS CARS ARE STOLEN Finding the hidden key Hotwiring Towing Robbery/Carjacking WHERE'S MY CAR? Auto theft is the costliest property crime in the US, costing consumers more than The recovery rate for vehicles is at 52% $8.2 BILLION A 30 YEAR LOW annually CHOP SHOP SHIPPING CONTAINERS 50% of stolen cars end up in a chop shop 40% of vehicle thefts occur in port and border cities Most chop shops make up to 4X as much as the car's worth by selling parts separately CRIME SCENE Cars are stolen to commit other crimes REDUCING YOUR RISK so license plates do not link to them. Drive by shootings, armed robbery, grand larceny are among the favorites. Whether you live in one of the risk areas, own one of the most stolen cars or not, there are ways that can help reduce your risk of becoming a victim of car theft. USE COMMON SENSE THE RIGHT CAR INSURANCE TECHNOLOGY Do not leave the car running when you get out, leave your keys in the ignition, or in some hidden spot. Buy comprehensive car insurance coverage. With comprehensive coverage in place, you'll be able to replace your stolen car without decimating your budget. Smart car thieves know their way around many security devices so having a recovery system or deterrent system can help reduce Make it as difficult for a thief as you can. theft. SOURCES Presented by DEVELOPED BY Shift insurance NOWSOURCING

Auto Theft and Car Insurance Ratings

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An interesting infographic on auto theft and it's influence on car insurance ratings in California. Data used to make this inforgaphic was provided by National Insurance Crime Bureau.


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