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Athabasca Basin: The World’s Highest Grade Uranium District

THE ATHABASCA BASIN THE WORLD'S HIGHEST GRADE URANIUM DISTRICT The Athabasca Basin in Saşkatchewan is a premier investing opportunity for URANIUM MINING, hosting THE ATHABASCA>15.5% BASIN of the world's annual uranium production. CANADA N.W.T. NUNAVUT ATHABASCA BASIN > It also contains uranium of the highest-grade: SASKATCHEWAN ~2% 20x • URANIUM DEPOSITS WORLD AVERAGE DEPOSIT FORMATION The Athabasca Basin's uranium deposits FAULT ******* OVERBURDEN are formed between rock layers separated by a major erosional break, called an UNCONFORMITY. ALTERATION ZONE ATHABASCA SEDIMENTS An unconformity acts as a channel for collecting hot mineralized fluids created by changes in the surrounding rock. UNCONFORMITY DEPOSIT *** UNCONFORMITY BASEMENT DEPOSIT. ARCHEAN GRANITE PROTEROZOIC *** TECTONIZED METASEDIMENTS GRAPHITIC GNEISS 1940s Uranium in the region was DISCOVERED. 1960s High-concentration uranium deposits discovered in Saskatchewan's Athabasca PROTEROZOIC Basin. Gulf Mineral Resources 1968 discovers site that would become RABBIT LAKE Mine 1975 RABBIT LAKE Mine opens ...... CIGAR LAKE MCARTHUR RIVER World's second largest high-grade RABBIT LAKE uranium deposit - scheduled to begin PRODUCTION IN 2013. World's largest HIGH-GRADE uranium mine. COMBINED with Rabbit Lake, they produce 23.4 million Ibs of Operated for 25 years, producing over 182 MILLION LBS of uranium. the world's annual uranium. Since it's discovery in the Athabasca Basin, Canada's uranium production has more than DOUBLED. 35 30 25 15 10 CANADIAN URANIUM PRODUCTION 1966 1968 1970 1972 1974 1976 1978 1980 1982 1984 1986 1988 1990 1992 1994 1996 1998 2000 2002 GLOBAL PRODUCTION 2004 By 2020, Canada's world share of uranium production is expected to DOUBLE yet again. 80 2020 Estimated Production 70 2012 Production 60 50 40 30 20 10 U.S. Australia CANADA Niger Namibia Malawi South Africa Russia Ukraine China Uzbekistan Other Kazakhstan Secondary Supplies SASKATCHEWAN URANIUM RESOURCES (million Ibs) 10 20 30 40 An Attractive Uranium Jurisdiction 50 60 70 80 90 100 1. SASKATCHEWAN 2. SEVENTH ranks FINLAND 3. SWEDEN 4. OF WYOMING (U.S) FORTY-TWO 5. NEVADA (U.S) jurissdictions with significant URANIUM RESOURCES. UTAH (U.S) 7. QUEBEC (CAN) 8. SASKATCHEWAN 9. GREENLAND 10. WESTERN AUSTRALIA ONTARIO (CAN) URANIUM GRADE 10 of the world's top 15 highest- grading uranium deposits lie in the Athabasca Basin. URANIUM GRADE CIGAR LAKE 20.0% These are the world's highest-grading projects over 15 Mlbs global resources. MCARTHUR RIVER 17.5% PHOENIX DEPOSIT 15.0% 12.5% MCLEAN GARRA (Australia) SHEA CREEK DAWN LAKE 10.0% KIGGAVIK (Nunavut). ANGILANT LAK ROUGHRIDER MILLENNIUM 7.5% 5.0% 2.5% CONTAINED URANIUM (million Ibs) 5000 The largest Uranium Deposit in the world, by far, is OLYMPIC DAM in Australia, owned by BHP. 4000 3000 CONTAINED URANIUM 2000 The Athabasca Basin also hosts 2 of the top 7 largest deposits in terms of contained metal. 1000 2 4 6. OLYMPIC DAM (Australia) IMOURAREN (Niger) ELKON (Russia) HUSAB (Namibia) MCARTHUR RIVER INKAI (Kazakhstan) CIGAR LAKE INFRASTRUCTURE The region's existing infrastructure also makes the Athabasca Basin an attractive investment opportunity. OPERATING MILLS AMPLE POWER SUPPLY 3 mills with 44 Mlbs licensed annual capacity ROAD ACCESS COMBINED, These three factors give the Athabasca Basin arguably THE BEST INFRASTRUCTURE GLOBALLY for hard rock uranium processing. The uranium industry in Saskatchewan supports approximately 10,324 15,486 JOBS DIRECT JOBS 5,162 INDIRECT JOBS In 2011, direct employee salaries, wages, and benefits totalled $331 MILLION Reclamation Expenditures ·..... $15 MILLION Exploration expenditures $35 MILLION Since 1980, the uranium mining industry has spent Capital expenditures $704 MILLION $6.1 BILLION on uranium mining projects in Saskatchewan in addition to operating expenditures. MERGERS & Merger and acquisitions activity in the region is expected to GROW in tandem with uranium's importance. ACOUISITIONS Despite Fukushima's disaster, many still see nuclear energy as the future. RECENT TRANSACTIONS: Fission Energy acquired by Denison for $70 MILLION Hathor Exploration acquired by Rio Tinto for $642 MILLION THE ATHABASCA BASIN'S HIGH GRADE LARGE DEPOSITS OF URANIU M MAKE IT AN Ideal Investing Opportunity. As the world moves toward a nuclear-powered future, operations in the Athabasca Basin are well positioned to take advantage of the uranium opportunity. PRESENTED BY LAKELAND zimtu RESOURCES INC. Lakeland Resources Inc. (TSXV: LK) (FSE: 6LL) CAPITAL CORP. Lakeland Resources Inc. is a pure play uranium exploration company focused on the Athabasca Basin in Saskatchewan, Canada; home to some of the world's largest and richest high-grade uranium deposits. Zimtu Capital Corp. (TSXV: ZC) (FSE: ZCT1) Zimtu Capital Corp. is a publicly held investment company that creates, invests in, and grows natural resource companies and provides a unique way for investors to participate in, and profit from, the public company building process. MORE DETAILS: MORE DETAILS: VISUAL CAPITALIST Educating a new generation of investors on resource investing and management VISUAL CAPITALIST Top Sources:'s%20Uranium%20Bonanza%20by%20lanet%20MacKenzie.pdf Uranium: Patterson Lake South - Nothing Else Like it | Raymond Jamesž012/mda/mineral-reserves-resources/reserves/ For a complete list of sources, please visit: ALBERTA million Ibs/year PRODUCTION Tanzania 9007 2008 2010 2012 JABILUKA (Australia) MIDWEST

Athabasca Basin: The World’s Highest Grade Uranium District

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With uranium grades 20x the world average, the Athabasca Basin presents an ideal opportunity for leverage to uranium prices and a nuclear powered future.


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