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Are You On Track To Build Your First Million

THE WEALTH GUY PRESENTS ARE YOU ON TRACK TO BUILD YOUR FIRST $1 MILLION? START YES NO SAVING THE HAMSTER WHEEL Are you saving at least 10% of your You need to put your money to work for you. income? THE LEAKY BUCKET STRATEGY Without a strategy Do you have a financial plan? in place your wealth is like a leaky bucket. THE CARROT ON A STICK REGULAR INVESTMENT Are you dollar cost averaging into property or shares? Income won't build your wealth, you need capital growth. PATIENCE FOOLS GOLD Are you The true researching the FOOL'S GOLD wealth building best investment investments don't opportunities? arise every day. THE BAD BANKER LEVERAGE The bank doesn't Do you only use leverage on high quality investments? want you to build wealth; they want you to pay them interest. GO CONGRATULATIONS YOU ARE ON TRACK TO BUILD YOUR FIRST $1 MILLION SUMMARY 1. 2. You must You need to review your wealth foundations. You must build a portfolio that includes capital invest before you spend. growth as well as income. 4 You need to be greedy when You should only use leverage for the best investment opportunities. others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy. W HELPING SUCCESSFUL INDIVIDUALS TURN THEIR MONEY INTO WEALTH Hio

Are You On Track To Build Your First Million

shared by Infobrandz on Aug 10
Looking to make your first million dollars and are unsure if you're on the right path? This simple infographic helps you decide whether or not you are on track to build your first $1 million. It gives...


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