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Are We Paying Too Much At The Petrol Pump?

ARE WE PAYING TOO MUCH AT THE PETROL PUMP? Lets take a look at how the UK fairs in terms of world oil production and what the UK consumer is charged on the UK forecourt. How much is tax and what goes to the retailer? 20th TOP 20 OIL PRODUCING COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD Suprisingly the UK are positioned 20th in the CIA's top 20 oil producing countries. Alarmingly our petrol prices on our forecourts are the 7th most expensive in the world! LARGEST OIL PRODUCER TOP 20 OIL PROCUDING COUNTRIES COUNTRY Barrels per day PETROL LITRE COUNTRY Barrels per day PETROL LITRE SAUDI ARABIA 10,520,000 0.13p KUWAIT 2,450,000 0.22p RUSSIA 10.270,000 0.62p 12 VENEZUELA 2.375,000 0.01p UNITED STATES 9.688.000 0.63p BRAZIL 2,301,000 0.94p IRAN 4.252.000 0.08p 14 NORWAY 2,134,000 1.67p CHINA 4,073,000 0.88p ALGERIA 2,078,000 0.16p CANADA 3,483.000 0.84p 10 ANGOLA 1.988.000 0.52p MEXICO 2.983,000 0.57p LIBYA 1,789,000 0.13p UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 2,813,000 0.30p KAZAKHSTAN 1.608.000 0.45p IRAQ 2.642.000 0.62p QATAR 1,437,000 0.15p NIGERIA OK UNITED KINGDOM 2.458.000 0.86p 1.393.000 1.35p UK TAX PAID ON OUR PETROL 36.6%- 42.8% 62 8% PETROL COST PER LITRE PETROL COST PER LITRE AMOUNT WE PAY IN TAX 49.55p 57.95p HAPPY GOVERNMENT! UNHAPPY CUSTOMER! 22.5p Fuel Duty 57.95p 5p Product 49.55p 20% - 3.6% Retailer/Delivery 5p VAT COST PER LITRE RETAILER DELIVERY COST PER LITRE VAT 22.5p THE BIG QUESTION! This springs the question as to whether we are paying too much tax on our petrol? We will leave this up to you to make your own judgement. PETROL PUMP SOURCES The Guardian, AA & CIA Just CAR FINANCE

Are We Paying Too Much At The Petrol Pump?

shared by jontybee on Jun 17
Just Car Finance review petrol price of the UK and how our oil output compares to the rest of the major oil producers fair in comparison to our fuel prices.


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