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Americans are the Top 13 Percent

THE REAL PERCENTAGE$ Amerika the Corporations WE ARE THE 99% UAW-2325 PEOPLE PROFITS SAIMA Colgate IBM. EFOKE sanori aventis OME DEPOTTUSTAO OFTS SELLINGGOS CAUGNT UTSDEO ED VS. TH OUMINO SIEMENS ERICSSON SEMIKRON SAN EMer Lynch Lucent Technologies Johnon (13% experíam 1% EROX THALES Elendesa BnOGE The midle Baxter cass is too PATHEON citibank SONY HISUSP O MSD BIG to fail! Q8 ORACLE Invent vodafone S ae. EENTERPRISErs Pizer O Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Ford $40 trillion in total worth (2008)) When the Amerikan middle class demands $48 trillion in total wealth (2008) richest nation in the world 5% of the world's people 312 million people top 13% by income (most in top 10%) consume 25% of world's resources more, the imperialists take it out of the Third World, where people suffer and die from lack of food, clean water and basic medicine. Real income redistribution requires the destruction of the privileged imperialist nations. occupy stolen land COMPARING ANNUAL INCOMES YOU ARE ON STOLEN NATIVE AMERIČAN AND MEXICAN LAND 80% Global Median $850 Richest 20% $1,835+ consume 23.4% of world's resources 1.6 billion have no electricity 1.1 billion lack adequate water 2.6 billion lack basic sanitation 28% children in poor countries are underweight/stunted 8 million children die from poverty each year Richest 10% $25,000 + U.$. Median $26,364 Sources: Equal Distribution $8,400 http://www.ssa. gov/cgi-bin/netcomp.cgi?year=2010 L Nar ca vkt.rcd T Vre Werna Sorcimes corsidd THwok OUs aly cors d:1 ok

Americans are the Top 13 Percent

shared by rmmojado on Jan 25
Recent demonstrations in U.$. cities have claimed to represent "the 99%" opposed to the greed of the richest 1%. MIM(Prisons) supports a more equitable distribution of the world's resources. What most...


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