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America Rallies Behind Local Oil Production

HARTENERGY America Rallfes Behind Local OIL PRODUCTION Energy independence is often a hot topic in the United States, but where does our country actually stand these days in terms of oil production? i The Basics The last year the US. was truly energy காdependont wns 1952. During his 2012 State of the Union address, President Barack Obama said the U.S. relied less on foreign oil than it has in any of the last 16 YEARS." This change could contribute to the U.S. becoming the top energy producer in the world by 2020. [BI Domestic production doesn't yet offset the large volume of imported oil, but net imports of energy have been a declining share of the total energy demand in the U.S. (41 Reversing the Trend the number of operating grude oil rotary ngs hes steadily increased over the last 9 years. U.S. Crude Oil Rotary Rigs in Operation Number of Elements 1500 1000 500 Dec 2003 Dec 2011 Experts say the U.S. might produce more than 2 BILLION Over the past year, the oil rig count went from 793 TO 1,208 barrels of domestic oil this year. 7) domestic rigs in 2012. (6) Oil activity has driven an increase of activity in the unconventional space, particularly the horizontal drilling in the Permian Basin. (e) A Producers by State The United States may be producing more oil recently, but which states have generally contributed the most oil? In 2010, the top 4 states that produced the most crude oil were. ALASKA TEXAS 601,000 barrels a day 1,171,000 barrels a day CALIFORNIA 552,000 NORTH DAKOTA barrels a day 310,000 barrels a day Consumers by State Which states consume the most oil n the country h 2010, the top 4 states that consumed the most distillate fuel oil were TEXAS CALIFORNIA 142,252,000 93,404,000 barrels barrels PENNSYLVANIA NEW YORK 63,229,000 62,654,000 barrels barrels Conclusion As experts discuss what they think is in store for the future, it's clear that trends are being reversed in domestic oil production. Sources HARTENERGY (1] [2] the-Above-Energy-Strategy_95138 [3] independence-with-u-s-as-top-producer.html [4] [5] [6] Tight-Oil-Shales-Impact-Domestic-Production_96555 [7] [8] [9] [10]

America Rallies Behind Local Oil Production

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In the last 60 years, America's dependence on foreign oil has risen drastically due to high demand and declining U.S. production. Today, increases in domestic production and reductions in demand are c...


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