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7 States with Robust Geographic Information Systems

7 STATE 7 GIS INNOVATORS GOVERNMENT Imagine being able to visualize your data so you could see the impacts of patential policies and decisions. You could bring to life information that has typically been ane dimensianal, and place data into a geographic context, giving you the ability to see patterns and trends you had not seen before. By incor porating maps into your decision-making you are better equipped to craft policies that do the most public good you are able to improve communication with your constituents; and increase collabora- tion within your arganization. Hear haw seven of your peers have used GIS to imprave their policy making, service delivery, and collaboration within the arganization. 9 Core Policy Areas of State Governments %24 What are some of the key focus areas for state gavernments? Every state is different, but here's a quick list. Within each, GIS plays a critical role in visualizing standardiz ing and comecting users to data. Our case studies belaw dive deeper into these focus areas for government. ENERGY HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES AGRICULTURE ECONOMY EDUCATION ELECTIONS ENVIRONMENT PUBLIC SAFETY TRANSPORTATION MONTANA There are over 20 maps in the Montana map gallery - everything from school. district data to Census information. LOUISIANA » They have executive support, as the Montana CIO envisions GIS on all state employees desks and the CTO is charged with making it happen. LouisianaMAP provides many GIS features that serve as Louisiana's clearinghouse for maps and spatial data, enabling the state to make improved data-driven decisions. » Montana is leveraging Esri Maps for Office, a plugin for Microsoft Excel that allows ArcGIS Orline users to create maps within their spreadsheets and share them in Power Points or online. » LouisianaMap provides ready-to-use GIS services and features that are accessed through web browsers, thin-clients or desktop GIS. » Users can dowrload maps on the highway, legislation districts, parishes » They also use ArcGIS Online, allowing organizations to create web-based maps and applications that can be shared within the organization and/or with constituents. MISSISSIPPI and historical maps. » Louisiana is plaming on upgrading services and providing more data, maps and GIS services to even better empower users across the state. The Mississippi Geospatial Clearinghouse (MGC) helps provi de access to spatial information and GIS resources to the citizens of Mississippi. SOUTH CAROLINA » MGC is where government, academics and the private sector can access comprehensive spatial information from the Mississippi goverment. » The project seeks to reduce the duplication of spatial data and improve the coordination, communication & standardization of GIS data across the state. The Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) is one of the largest agencies in the state of South Caroli na, and is leveraging GIS to transform its operations. » Anyone can dowrl.oad GIS data related to imagery, survey control, governmental boundaries, elevation, transportation, hydrography, properly ownership, or the envirorment. » DHEC has 3,500 employees and is responsible for everything from watershed issues, dock permits, recycling centers, to birth & death rates. IDAHO The state created the Health Department Finder, allowing citizens to find the closest health centers to them for services such as birth control, vaccines, & teen clinics. The State community. The primary initiative in the state is the Idaho Map, explained below: Idaho GIS Office provides leaders hip & support for the statewide GIS » The Envirormental Public Notices web app allows users to obtain public notices about the ervirorment in their community » The initiative is designed to improve statewide coordination and help leverage existing GIS investment. HAWAII- » It provides reliable access to GIS data and services across the state. » The Idaho Map major components include a base map data, technical infrastructure distributed on a federated model, nelwork of people and organizations and universal. applications. Through the Renewable EnergGIS initiative, Hawaii is using GIS to connect with citizens and helping them learn more about renewable energy options in their community. UTAH » Using Renewable EnerGIS, Hawaii citizers can find renewable energy sources specific 1o their location. » The hope is that the tool will help developers, citizens and policy makers understand the potential of renewable energy in Hawaii. » To use the site, no GIS skills are needed, so anyone can access the data and begin to make smart energy decisions. Tasked with managing everything from the Utah's roads, bridges, fences, guardrai is and signs, the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) is using data to become more efficient. » UDOT created an open data portal that is the clearinghouse for all public UDOT data. » lt's helping the state quickly share data to citizens, business, & goverrment employees. » Anyone can publicly access data on pavement, plarning, projects, and traffic & safety. CLICK EACH STATE TO VISIT THEIR GIS SITE SOURCES htp//mapla god htp//www.schec gov/ hp://encrgy.howai gov/resorces/renewable-cnergis-map hp// hap// 1312& y=7228 browser-Netscape htp://udot.uplan.opendata hap //sis dhec sesovhealthdepartmentfinder/ htp://sis. dhec hap:// ware/arcgis/arcgisonline/apps.esri-maps-for-office?wt.mc_id-emailcampaignlóaa0 How Esri is Helping: e esri govloop Esri's ArcGIS platform provides a common way to share data, improve workflows and facilitate better decision making across teams. ArcGIS has become a mission critical tool for state government agencies, with applications from everything on emergency readines5, environment, transportation and economic development. For more information, visit the ArcGIS Platform webpage.

7 States with Robust Geographic Information Systems

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Imagine being able to visualize your data so you could see the impacts of potential policies and decisions. You could bring to life information that has typically been one dimensional, and place data ...




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