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6 Secret Multinational Giants

SECRET MULTINATIONAL 6 GIANTS From your denim to your laptop, one of these six multinationals has certainly turned a profit from you. Lurking in the shadows of their spotlighted competitors, these six companies have a combined revenue of 1 trillion dollars - YET YOU'VE PROBABLY NEVER HEARD OF THEM. SAUDI ARAMCO, SAUDI ARABIA'S STATE-OWNED OIL COMPANY: 88888 建 888 Saudi Aramco produces E 12 MILLION barrels of oil per day. This single company can satisfy the daily consumption of ALL CARS AND TRUCKS IN THE US. They have a revenue of $790 BILLION (2011) ارامكو السعودية Saudi Aramco $354 B $196 B $185 B ExxonMobil Chevron ConocoPhillips That's more than Exxon Mobil, Chevron, and ConocoPhillips COMBINED. 2 CARGILL, Cargill PRIVATELY-OWNED AMERICAN FOOD PRODUCER: They have a revenue of $119.5 BILLION Cargill $61.7 B $28.4 B $11.2 B (Tyson Smithfield ADM That's more than the 3 biggest public food producers, Archer Daniels Midland, Tyson, and Smithfield COMBINED. Cargill's handles M ALL EGGS used in McDonald's restaurants. IT'S THE LARGEST Cargill PRIVATELY-OWNED CORPORATION IN THE US. If it were public, it would rank 13th on the Fortune 500. Ahead of giants like Microsoft and Boeing. 3 QUANTA COMPUTERS, TAIWAN-BASED COMPUTER HARDWARE MANUFACTURER: Quanta Computer Quanta Computer lenovo DELL COMPAQ Quanta's customers include Apple, Compaq, Dell, HP, and Lenovo and produces over 50 MILLION NOTEBOOK COMPUTERS A YEAR. 1/3 That's 1/3 of the world's market share. ONE IN EVERY FOUR laptops was manufactured by Quanta in 2005 They have a revenue of $37.8 BILLION Ahead of Coca-Cola and Amazon. $35.1 BILLION $34.2 BILLION Coca-Cola Quanta Computers is the manufacturer of Amazon's Kindle Fire. Churned out an estimated: amazonkindle 5 MILLION IN 2011. INTERNATIONAL PAPER, AMERICAN PULP AND PAPER COMPANY: Produces paper cups for: MCDONALDS SUBWAY WENDY'S STARBUCKS 3 BILLION paper cups per year. Starbucks alone uses That's 1.2 MILLION trees per year... ... which can offset the carbon output of all the registered vehicles in New York City 3X OVER. They have a revenue of $25.2 BILLION Ahead of Staples and Xerox. $24.5 BILLION $21.6 BILLION STAPLES хегох 5 VF CORPORATION, AMERICAN APPAREL CORPORATION: THE NORTH .FACE VANS NAUTICA JNSPORT. Lee far all Gramkind You've heard of The North Face, Jansport, Nautica, Lee, Vans, 7 For All Mankind and Rock & Republic - VF OWNS ALL OF THEM. Jansport and The North Face together make almost half of all backpacks sold in the US. That's enough backpacks for ALL PUBLIC SCHOOL STUDENTS IN CALIFORNIA. They have a revenue of $9 BILLION Ahead of Ross Stores and Dillard's. $7.8 BILLION $6.2 BILLION ROSS Dillard's GANNET COMPANY, AMERICAN MEDIA GANNETT CONGLOMERATE: GANNETT GANNETT GANNETT GANNET GANNETT GANNETT GANNETT GANNETT GANNET GANNETT GANNETT GANNET GANNETT GANNETT GANNETT GANNETT GANNET GANNETT GANNET GANNETT 20 MILLION Ehe Bete ork Eimes The ier Jerk Emes The Wastjington ost 1 MILLION 550,821 (10X) (36X) Gannet's top 10 newspapers total almost 20 million in daily circulation. That's 20x the New York Times and 36x the Washington Post. If laid out, that's enough US, EUROPE, & AUSTRALIA COVERED IN NEWSPAPER PANIC ENSUES ACROSS THE GLOBE newspapers to cover the US, EUROPE, AND AUSTRALIA. They have a revenue of $5.5 BILLION Ahead of the Washington Post and New York Times. $4.8 BILLION $2.4 BILLION The Washington Post The New York Times Don't let the recipients of your hard-earned dollars be an obscure question mark - especially when that question mark is a colossal corporate giant with plenty of muscle to flex. As corporations continue to wield more power, IT'S NOW MORE VITAL THAN EVER THAT YOU LOOK BEYOND JUST THE FEW BIG NAMES. END Brought to you by FRUGAL DAD SOURCES environment/oil-petroleum-and-gasoline/index.html?7sco-2&sqrsaudi%20aramco%20reserve&st-Search http /money.cnn.comm abet htmi html html --.--...............

6 Secret Multinational Giants

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I’m not worried that Quanta is cornering a market right under our nose, but I do feel embarrassed that a company I have probably supported with just about every personal tech purchase of the last fi...


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