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27 Striking Facts Most People Don't Know About Startups

STRIKING 27 FACTS MOST PEOPLE DON'T KNOW ABOUT STARTUPS The world's economy has always been dependent on startups and innovative business ideas, but what does the current landscape look like and who are the driving forces behind today's entrepreneurial race? THE STARTUP WORLD THE COUNTRIES WITH THE HIGHEST NUMBER OF STARTUPS USA UK 4.8M 845,000 India Brazil 2.0M 584,000 Indonesia 771,000 There are as many Indonesia has startups in Nigeria as in Germany. Canada has 10% of the US startups. twice as many startups as Italy. WHAT COUNTRIES ARE THE MOST AND LEAST ENTREPRENEURIAL IN THE WORLD? Based on a number of entrepreneurs as % of adult population I MOST I LEAST 1.3% 1.7% FRANCE 1.3% 3 ITALY JAPAN 16.7% 1.3% PUERTO RICO 0.2% THAILAND 28.1% SURINAME UGANDA (5) VIETNAM 13.3% CAMEROON 13.7% BRAZIL 13.8% COUNTRIES WITH ATTRACTIVE GOVERNMENT SUPPORT FOR STARTUPS Singapore United Kingdom $48M 50% pumped into six venture capital funds income tax relief on investments up to £100,000 Chile Finland Israel $40,000 $145M $450M equity free grants through grants and loans for seed funding and R&D projects THE WORLD'S BEST STARTUP VISAS ENTREPRENEUR FAST-TRACKED STARTUP INCUBATION VISA ENTREPRENEUR VISA PROGRAMME Australia Ireland Canada New Zealand Spain Chile Singapore Italy Denmark K United Kingdom Netherlands France TOP 10 STARTUP HUBS IN THE WORLD & THEIR COSTS OF LIVING |COSTS OF LIVING (MONTHLY) INVESTORS ON ANGELLIST PARIS, FRANCE $2,164 410 LONDON, ENGLAND S2,914 2069 BERLIN, GERMANY $1,726 369 TORONTO, CANADA $1,722 525 SINGAPORE 52,205 781 SILICON VALLEY, US $4,465 9,842 SAO PAULO, BRAZIL S1,044 168 TEL AVIV, ISRAEL S2.304 BENGALURU, INDIA $454 NAIROBI, KENYA S905 167 325 41 THE BEST STARTUP PLAYERS TOP 10 MOST INFLUENTIAL TECH STARTUPS ON INTERNET Based on their social influence and importance of a startup on the internet 1 MailChimp 6 hootsuite 2 Bēhance 7 MOZ Eventbrite 8 Think Geek 4 O issuu TESLA MOTORS 5 500 10 Prezi THE UNICORN CLUB - THE BILLION DOLLAR STARTUP CLUB Companies valued at $1 billion or more by venture capital firms $4 LATEST VALUATION COUNTRY O UBER $51B USA MI Xaomi $46B China A airbnb $25.5B USA OPalantir $20B USA O snapchat $16B USA ER Didi Kuaidi $16B China liokart $15B India $128 USA SPACEX OPinterest $11B USA Dropbox $10B USA WHAT ARE ALL UNICORNS WORTH? as of October 2015 $634.8B $503B $451.4B $373.9B $261.5B $251.4B Unicorns (140) startups) Go gle E Microsoft facebook. amazon THE NEWEST UNICORNS as of October 2015 Valuation Market Country Hello Fresh $2.9B eCommerce Germany Bla Bla Car $1.6B On-Demand France Stemcentrx $3B Healthcare USA okta $1.2B Cybersecurity USA APTTUS $1B Internet Software & Services USA THE NEXT UNICORNS ASPIRING BILLION DOLLAR STARTUPS with a current valuation of more than $500 million AVANT O cyanogen DATASTA×: docker technelogies mixpanel simplivity DOORDASH delightful delivery viptela Sofi TOP 10 FASTEST BILLION DOLLAR STARTUPS From founding to $1B in years 2.28 2.32 2.43 2.46 2.56 2.02 1.58 1.71 1.46 1.25 * slack GROUPON Akamal Gelle mobile Hunid Taxi webvonyoup Hangzhou' Pinterest Kuaidi Technology Slack Groupon Akamai Xiaomi Calient Yello Twitter Webvan Technologies Technology Technologies Mobile Group STARTUPS CHANGING THE WORLD U UBE R O airbnb The largest taxi company with no cars Shaking grounds of traditional hotel industry EL TISLA TESLA MOTORS Redefined Nothing is impossible with Elon Musk! E-Commerce TRENDING STARTUP INDUSTRY CATEGORIES On-Demand Logistics Self-Drive Car Rentals ..... Beauty Marketplaces Fintech Bus Aggregators ------... Agricultural Software *** Cleantech Gamification Services On-Demand Physical Storage Food E-commerce . Public-Sector Technology UNUSUAL IDEAS THAT WORKED th Bold ftake Startups Anonymous Worked naked for one month as a social Kinda like AA forum for entrepreneurs experiment RENT THE CHICKEN Egg-producing chicken coop delivered to your doors FREIGHT FARMS Shipping containers turned into farming systems THE FAMOUS ACQUISITIONS IN TECH STARTUP HISTORY facebook. acquired WhatsApp $19B Google acquired $12.5B Motorola HMicrosoft acquired Skype $8.5B HMicrosoft acquired Nokia $7.2B Google acquired $3.2B Nest Labs Google acquired $3.1B Doubleclick acquired Beats Electronics $3B Google acquired YouTube $1.6B acquired Tumblr $1.1B facebook. acquired Instagram $1B TOP 3 ACQUISITIONS IN 2015 (UNTIL SEPTEMBER) O Hitachi Data Systems MasterCard Inovalon acquired Pentaho for $500-600M (source: BloombergBusiness) acquired Applied Predictive Technologies for $6OOM raised $600M in IPO v ANGEL LIST: THE GAME CHANGER OF INVESTING IN STARTUPS 29,436 Startups 6,376 VC firms 148 50,085 3,947 Syndicates Investors Incubators TRENDING STARTUPS (SEPTEMBER) Lending Club Mosaic for solar On demand local delivery DOORDASH delighaful delivery Video distribution virool platform Uber for buildzoom remodeling Fiction for the Snapchat generation Wearable devices U KINETIC to keep industrial workers safe Telepathic THE BIGGEST SYNDICATES %24 ЛЮ TIM FERRISS INTAL PC OnING ARENA VENTURES Late Stage Pre-IPO a's Gil Penchina Tim Ferriss Arena Ventures a Marketplaces Mobile Bridging Online & Offline Mobile E-Commerce E-Commerce Consumer Internet Mobile Saas Collaborative Consumption E-Commerce MARKETS Crowdsourcing 1,065 1,114 232 BACKERS 390 $7,348,600 $6,123,092 $5,826,979 BACKED BY $4,027,550 DONE DEALS $205M $920M IN FOLLOW- 655 RAISED STARTUPS ONLINE ONS ----------------------------------------- TOP INVESTORS ON ANGEL LIST --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dave McClure Founding Partner at 500 Startups 608 investments **..* Jeremie Berrebi Magical Capital CEO 238 investments Naval Ravikant Founder of Angellist, Vast, Hit Forge, Epinions 189 investments Scott and Cyan Banister Founder at IronPort and Topsy Board Member at PayPal and Postmates 252 investments Fabrice Grinda Founder and CEO at @OLX, Grinda & Marin Fund 164 investments Presented by: Sources • • • • • · • • businessinsider.cold/fastest-companies-to-reach-a-2-billon-valuation-2015-5/e.Vft5IN-qgko • • fighting-cancer-stem-cells/ · • • • • • • • • * startupranking com/top • * startupranking com/courtries • * · • • •forbes com/next-blion-dollar-startups/ • • • • • • potential vc/idiots-guide-to-seisseed-enterprise-investment-scheme/ hpcom/us/en/hp-news/press-releasehtml?id=169924#.V5Qtt-cgko from-them/ government-support/ • chile-for-6-months/ the-payoff-s-high • bloomberg com/news/articles/2011-08-18/hp-sald-to-be-near-10-bilion-autonomy-takeover-spinoff- of-pc-business up-to-promises.htm oft-acquisition.html businessinsider.cold/hellofresh-valued-at-26-billion-after-raising-ancther-75-million-in-funding-2015- 9/.VgDTDt-qgko at-14-bilion-valuation/ Mega-capssortrame-marketcapssorttype=1 Note All S amounts are in the US. dollars. o$0]

27 Striking Facts Most People Don't Know About Startups

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The world's economy has always been dependent on startups and innovative business ideas, but what does the current landscape look like and who are the driving forces behind today's entrepreneurial rac...


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