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2015 Data Scientist Salary Survey

2015 MAGNANIMOUS DATA SCIENTIST SALARY SURVEY Where did the survey respondents come from? 25% 14% 44% 16% of all respondents came from outside 57% California & New York What was the population make-up of the respondents? 7% C-LEVEL EXECUTIVE 6% ENTRY LEVEL 25% TEAM/PROJECT LEAD 12% MANAGER 12% DEVELOPER 18% STATISICIAN 20% ANALYST 50% 47% What is the salary distribution of 45% all respondents? 35% . 30% 25% 20% 14% 15% 10% 6% 5% 1% What positions earn higher than $135.000? Percentage of respondents making more than six figures based on United States region TEAM 70% STATISTCIAN 42% 73% 68% 65% LEVEL 99% DEVELOPER 100% CLEVEL 20 ANALYST 10% o% 10% 20% J0% 40% sos so% 70% 90% 90s 100% MIDWEST NORTHEAST SOUTH WEST Parcentage st reapondenta saming higher than 513SK What are the most used languages and frameworks? 30%. 25% 20% Of all respondents 76,6% had lessthan 10 years experience in data science V Respondents with less than 10 yrs. XP V Respondents with greater than 10 yrs. XP 74% MORE THAN 135K0 Education's affect on data scientists' salary 8% 40% 29% Charts in the right column are from any Ivy league or MIT Doctorate Degree Bachelor's school Degree 92% 60% 71% 30% 30% Master's Degree 70% 70% The difference in salary drastically decreases after receiving a Master's degree. 8% • Less than six-figure salary • Greater than or equal to six-figure salary 92% What are the top 3 best states to earn over six figures? 88% 76% 69% of respondents from California reported of respondents from New York reported making over six-figure salaries. of respondents from Illinois reported making over six-figure salaries making over six-figure salaries Do years of experience greatly impact making more than six-figure salary? Not much... 25% Years of experience in the industry of data science who make more than six-figures 14% 9% 6% 7% 4% 5% 2% BETWEEN BETWEEN BETWEEN S87 BETWEEN 74 10 BETWEEN 10 & 15 BETWEEN 15 & 20 MORE THAN 20 LESS Revenue of business 18% Working for small firm... Of the respondents 43% 19% making more than six- figures, more than 57% 20% Over $1 bilion indicated working at a • Between $100 milion & 51B firm with revenues less Between $108 S100 mlion than S18 What are the best attributes to maximize a data scientists ear- ning potential? You dont need as much experience as you think... • Live in California. More than 40% those living in the state reported making • Small companies pay big bucks too .. over $135K. • • Don't wait. Nearly 30% of the respondents who reported making over $135K indicated they went straight to the hiring manager or company. • More than 1/3rd of 6-figure earning respondents worked for a company with revenues under 100M • Embrace a leadership role... More than 37% of the respondents who reported making over $135K indicated they are the lead of either a team or project (this does not include C-level managers). • Get help ... Nearly 70% of the respondents who reported making over 100K indicated they landed their job through a source outside of their companys hiring manager Magnanimous Consulting is focused purely on providing great jobs within the world of Big Data Analytics. MAGNANIMOUS • Call us today 1-888-537-0660 to find out when you can be introduced to your next great career opportunity! 6440 Southpoint Porkway, Ste. 300, Jacksorvile, FL 32216| 1-888-537-0660 | Staor 善 至 S Microsdr 請 6 making more than a six figure sa

2015 Data Scientist Salary Survey

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How much should you earn? The infographic features detailed information about the 2015 data scientist salary survey and takes into consideration a variety of factors that account for an individual’s...


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