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The 2013 Creative Employment Snapshot

The 2013 Creative Employment Snapshot Presented by Coroflot Discover more than just your earning potential. The Creative Employment Snapshot answers critical questions about the curent state of talent, jobs, and careers in the creative industries based on thousands of data points from respondents to the Coroflot Design Salary Guide. WHERE ARE THEY WORKING? While most of our survey respondents hail from the U.S., 113 countries were represented in the results. This map shows the ten most represented U.S. cities, plus the 10 most represented countries. Each U.S. city is accompanied by its aggregate 25th, Median and 75th percentile salaries. Most Represented Countries UNITED KINGDOM 407 Responses SEATTLE CHICAGO BOSTON- CANADA 371 Responses 50K 45K 50K 70K 6ок 64K | 90K | 80K | 85K INDIA 286 Responses HNEW YORK 50K BRAZIL 159 Responses PORTLAND 65K 49K 90K AUSTRALIA 151 Responses 67K 96K PHILADELPHIA GERMANY 109 Responses 45K SAN FRANCISCO- 62K 70K RUSSIA 98 Responses 58K 80K 105K HLOS ANGELES AUSTIN ATLANTA ITALY 89 Responses 50K 46K 45K 68K 60K 55K FRANCE 78 Responses 88K 75K 75K UNITED STATES 4,689 Responses MEXICO 75 Responses 25th 75th Median Percentile Percentile WHAT ARE THEY EARNING? 128K Below are the seven most represented job titles, plus the salary range and average freelance rate, both in U.S. dollars, for each job title. 25th 75th Median Percentile Percentile $120K 96K 90K $90K 86K 75K 75K 70K 70K 64K 64K 57K 57K 56K $60K 52K 52K 47K 48K 45K 43K 43K 38K $30K $33/hr $36/hr $37/hr $35/hr $28/hr $48/hr $58/hr INDUSTRIAL DESIGNER FASHION DESIGNER GRAPHIC WEB ARCHITECT ART CREATIVE DESIGNER DESIGNER DIRECTOR DIRECTOR WHERE DO THEY GET BENEFITS? Does working for a smaller company or start up mean you can forget about receiving benefits? Below (left) is a break down of all respondents according to their company size, followed by the percentage of respondents in each company size that do and do not receive medical and/or retirement benefits through their employer. Receive Benefits Does Not Recelve Benefits Respondents According to Company Size Less than 15 employees 18% 29% 45% 20% 55% 71% 82% 52% 25% 28% 35% 16 to 50 56 65% 51+ employees 75% employees Less than 15 employees 16 to 50 employees 51+ employees COMPANY SIZE WHICH GRADUATES EARN MORE? 25th 75th Median These are the 10 U.S. institutions of higher education that are most represented by our survey respondents. The salary ranges for each school offer a gauge for your own earnings comparison. Percentile Percentile ART CENTER COLLEGE OF DESIGN 66K 88K 124K RHODE ISLAND SCHOOL OF DESIGN 56K 72K 99K ROCHESTER INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY 50K 62K 95K PRATT INSTITUTE 55K 70K 91K COLLEGE FOR CREATIVE STUDIES 50K 72K 89K ACADEMY OF ART UNIVERSITY 58K 74K 88K SCHOOL OF VISUAL ARTS 49K 68K 87K PARSONS NEW SCHOOL 53K 65K 86K UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI 49K 60K 85K 44K 57K 72K SAVANNAH COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN $30K $60K $90K $120K DO ADVANCED DEGREES PAY OFF? HOW ARE THEY GETTING THEIR JOBS? We asked respondents which of the 7 major sources of employment below led to their most recent job. This information helps both creative job seekers and hiring managers tailor their strategies for finding, or filling, their next position. Below are the salary ranges for all U.S. respondents according to their highest level of education. The median and 75th percentiles for high school graduates exceeded the same salary points e bachelor's degrees. We do not, in any way, advocate stopping your education, but if an advanced degree isn't within your reach, there's a chance your earning potential may not suffer as a result. those with 25th 75th Median 95K Percentile Percentile - $90K 83K 22% 78K None of these 70K 43% 9% Recruitment Service 59K $60K Personal Referral 57K 52K 1% 43K Social Media 40K 19% $30K Job Board Linkedin 3% At a Meetup or Industry Conference HIGH SCHOOL BACHELORS MASTERS+ Coroflot is the longest running career community focused on the design and creative professions online. Our mission is to connect designers with meaningful and creative opportunities at companies around the world. Presented by COROFLOT Medical Benefits Retirement Benefits Medical Benefits Retirement Benefits

The 2013 Creative Employment Snapshot

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From aggregate salary potential and education, to benefits and job search methods, this infographic guide serves as an excellent reference when finding work, negotiating better compensation or attract...




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