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The 2012 Massachusetts Budget

Commonwealth: The 2012 Massachusetts Budget Child Care Access 232.847 Million TANF Related Child Care 132.458 Million Chapter 70 Payments to Cities and Towns 3,990.812 Million Supportive Child Care 77.448 Million State Facilities for the Intellectually Disabled 142.156 Million MassHealth Fee-for-Service Payments 2,029.206 Million Commonwealth Care Trust Fund 728.001 Million Department of Elementary and Secondary Education 4,620.551 Million AResidential Supports for Intellectually Disabled 164.790 Milion Services for Infants and Parents 18.186 Million OQuality Program Supports 14.011 Million O- Children's Trust Fund 10.436 Million Early Education and Care Admin 11.305 Million Community Day and Work Programs 124.267 Million Cormmunity and State Otperated Residential Services 751.797 Million Public Safety and Security 913.090 Million AMedical Assistance Trust Fund 394.025 Million Special Ed Circuit Breaker 213.119 Million Developmental Services Admin 61.222 Million Department of Correction 532.374 Million APrison Industries and Farm Services Program 4,475 Million MASAC 5.000 Million Grants to Head Start Programs 7.500 Million ONUniversal Pre-Kindergarten 7.500 Million Access Management 5.933 Million Children's Trust Fund Operations 1.026 Million Respite Family Supports 41.004 Million MassHealth Managed Care 3,879.010 Million Reimbursement for Special Ed Residential Schools 133.119 Million Department of State Police 261.467 Million New State Police Class 2.000 Million MassHealth Essential 389.757 Million Office of the Secretary 33.690 Million Transporation Services 11.641 Million MassHealth Senior Care 2,515.602 Million Charter School Reimbursement 71.554 Million Public Safety Information Technology Costs 17.803 Million A Gang Prevention Grant Program 5.500 Million Turning 22 Program and Services 5.000 Million Regional School District Transportation 43.521 Million MassHealth Recoveries 225.000 Million Reach Out and Read .800 Million Municipal Police Career Incentive Reimbursements 5.000 Million Executive Office of Public Safety and Security 2.386 Million Forensic Services Program for Inmates 1.886 Million Autism Division 4.621 Million Department of Developmental Services 1,306.498 Million Adult Basic Education 27.702 Million Early Childhood Mental Health Services.750 Million AND SECU Department of Early Education and Care 506.648 Million Children's Behavioral Health Initiative 214.743 Million Student and School Assessment 24.362 Million Office of the Chief Medical Examiner 22.063 Million OState Police Crime Laboratory 12.993 Million OMilitary Division 13.591 Million Kindergarten Expansion Grants 22.948 Million IC SAFETT MassHealth Nursing Home Supplemental Rates 288.500 Million Programs to Eliminate Racial Imbalance - METCO 17.642 Million University of Massachusetts 417.982 Million National Guard Tuition and Fee Waivers 3.350 Million MassHealth Family Assistance Plan 211.370 Million Extended Learning Time Grants 13.918 Million Welcome Home Insurance Premium Reimbursement 1.040 Million Department of Transitional Assistance 755.844 Million Elder Home Care Purchased Services 97.780 Million School Breakfast & Lunch Program 9.547 MillionO Çommunity Colleges 208.676 Million Parole Board 17.797 Million O Department of Fire Services 17.392 Million Department of Public Safety and Inspections 11.364 Million Merit Rating Board 7.606 Million Sex Offender Registry Board 3.510 Million Municipal Police Training Committee 3.400 Million MCAS Low-Scoring Student Support 9.575 MillionO TAFDC Grant Payments 315.980 Million Medicare Part D Phased Down Contribution 198.273 Million School-Age Children in Correctional Facilities 7.345 Million e Targeted Intervention in Underperforming Schools 6.740 Million Elder Enhanced Home Care Services Program 45.789 Million Ştate Colleges 153.287 Million State Supplement to Supplemental Security Income 222.156 Million Literacy Programs 3.147 Million After-School and Out-of-School Grants 1.410 Million Teacher Preparation and Certification 1.367 Million Department of Higher Education 106.210 Million State Scholarship Program 87.607 Million AReserve for Higher Ed Personnel 5.581 Million o Performance Management Set Aside 2.500 Million Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine 2.000 Million Foster Care Programs 2.010 Million Elder Home Care Case Management 35.738 Million "Criminal History Systems Board 2.365 Million Prescription Advantage 21.602 Million MassHealth Basic Coverage 157.016 Million Emergency Management Agency 2.071 Million Elder Protective Services 16.250 Million Public School Military Mitigation 1.300 Milion Office of the Secretary 8,854.053 Million Department of Housing and Community Development 298.139 Million Family Shelters/Services 97.797 Million MassHealth CommonHealth Plan 130.439 Million Youth-Build Grants 1.300 Million Grants to Councils on Aging 8.254 Million Emergency Aid to Elderly, Disabled and Children 88.958 Million Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program 1.000 Million Schools of Excellence 1.300 Million Elder Nutrition Program 6.325 Million Subsidies to Public Housing Authorities 62.500 Million Administration 83.484 Million Educational Quality and Accountability .939 Million Workforce Development 1.250 Million Supportive Senior Housing Program 4.014 Million Department of Elder Affairs 3,04.349 Million Caseworker Salaries and Benefits 57.535 Million Dual Enrollment Grant and Subsidies .750 Million Short Term Housing Transition Program 38.561 Million Education Technology Program .861 Milion Reading Programs 800 Million Connecting Activities .750 Million Teacher Content Training .746 Million Concurrent Enrollment for Disabled Students .400 Million Health and Human Services IT Costs 81.762 Million • Nursing „Allied Health Workforce Development .635 Million STEM Pipeline Fund 500 Million New England Board of Higher Education .367 Million 'Compact for Education .082 Million Department of Elder Affairs Admin 1.994 Million Homeless Individuals Assistance 37.733 Million Department of Transitional Assistance Admin 53.084 Million *MassHealth Premium Assistance 58.181 Million Elder Congregate Housing Program 1.610 Million H Rental Voucher Program 36 Million Housing and Community Development Admin 6.841 Million Operation of Homeless Programs 4.970 Million Employment Services Program 7.109 Million Veterans Independence Plus Initiative .750 Million MassHealth HIV Plan 18.541 Million Elder Homeless Placement.136 Million Healthy Start Program 13.800 Million Teen Structured Settings Program 6.436 Million Non-Resident Pupil Transport 400 Million College of Art 13.405 Million OF HEALTH Bay State Reading Institute 400 Million English Language Acquisition 364 Million Regionalization Bonus 300 Million Mentoring Matching Grants .250 Million Alternative Education Grants .146 Milion Children's Medical Security Plan 12.600 Million Rental Subsidy Program for DMH Clients 4.000 Million College of Liberal Arts 12.559 Million Food Stamp Participation Rate Programs 2.933 Million Alternative Housing Voucher Program 3.450 Millinn Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Fee 2.323 Million T Costs 2.067 Million Housing Services and Counseling 1.495 Million Home and Healthy for Good Program 1.200 Million Department of Children and Families 737.077 Million MassHealth Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment 4.770 Million Maritime Academy 12.330 Million Domestic Violence Specialists .748 Million Service Coordinators "Program 350 Million MassHealth Auditing and Utilization Reviews 1.736 Million Office of the Secretary of Education 8.526 Million O Education IT Costs 7.800 •Secretary's Office .726 Million Services for Children and Families 242.757 Million MassHealth Field Auditing Taskforce 1.000 Million Executive Office of Education 5,926.679 Million Residential Assistance for Families in Transition 260 Million Tenancy Preservation Program 250 Million Group Care Services 193.564 Million Personal Care Attendant Council .167 Million Housing and Economic Development Administration 410 Million O Division of Banks 13.203 Million YLoan Originator Administration and Consumer Counseling Program 2.650 Million Division of Insurance 12.831 Million Social Workers for Case Management 159.452 Million Unrestricted General Government Local Aid 833.980 Million Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development 354.577 Million Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation 1.268 Million Health Care Access Bureau Assessment 1.100 Million This graphic provides a map of where and how much money the state will spend across the $32.1 billion dollars of direct spend- ing from the 2012 budget. It provides a proportional view of how much is spent in each secretariat, department, and program. Clinical Support Services and Operations 65.948 Million Division of Standards 1.279 Million Department of Business Development 6.778 Million Office of the Secretary 2.502 Million Commonwealth Zoological Corporation 3.500 Million Local Tourist Councils Financial Assistance 2.000 Million Social Worker Services 64.091 Million Department of Telecommunications and Cable 2.730 Million d Division of Professional Licensure 5.564 Million HOffice of Travel and Tourism 1.834 Million Family Support and Stabilization 39.750 Million Child Support Enforcement 40.224 Million Group Insurance Commission 1.208.724 Million State Racing Commission 1.600 Million o NOffice of Business Development 1.624 Million D Tax Abatements for Veterans and Others 25,301 UMASS Small Business Center .704 Million BLACIDAM Domestic Violence Support Services 20.725 Million Local Aid from Racing Tax Revenues 1.152 Million Proprietary Schools Oversight .540 Million, SERVICES Legislature 60.908 Million Regional Economic Development Grants 475 Million PILOT to Cities for State Land 26.270 Million DSS Regional Admin 9.300 Million House of Representatives 35.074 Million Administration 353 Million Mental Health Services 329.285 Million Massachusetts Marketing Partnership 8.088 Million Additional Auditors 23.940 Million Microlending .200 Million Biotech Research Institute .200 Million Foster Care Review 2.824 Million This view allows the viewer to determine Child Welfare Training Institute 2.058 Million what the state chooses to emphasize Underground Storage Tank 15.033 Million International Trade Council .100 Million Roca for Cities and Towns 2.000 Million Senate 18.100 Million Year Up .100 Million with its spending decisions and how those choices compares to their own values and priorities. Department of Revenue 1,046.082 Million Office of the Secretary 683.449 Million Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services 71.773 Million Sexual Abuse Intervention Network .697 Million Joint Legislative Operations 7.733 Million Emergency Services and Acute Mental Health Care 35.122 Million Placernent Services for Juvenile Offenders .270 Million Ş Essex Sewer District Debt Service Assessment .089 Million Fraud and Abuse Prevention Task Force 250 Million Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development 33.521 Million Executive Office of Health and Human Services 16,203.398 Million MITC Operational Expenses .600 Million Revenue Maximization Reserve .750 Million NOnline Transaction Activity Expansion 1.000 Million Agency Auditor Grant Program 1.250 Million Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Center 1.581 Million Regionalization Incentive Grants 2.000 Million Reserve for Assembly Square Program 2.165 Million Hale Hospital Reserve 2.400 Million Dartmouth/Bristol Community College Reserve 2.700 Million Office of the Secretary 3.962 Million Route 3 North Contract Assistance 5.409 Million Municipal Regionalization & Efficiencies Reserve 9.000 Million AND DMH Admin and Operations 26.872 Millien Department of Mental Health 640.018 Million Total budget 30.6 Billion Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing 5.01 Million Statewide Homelessness Support Services 20.134 Million STRATION Holyoke Soldiers Home 20.6 Million Trust Fund Contributions 10.000 Million One-Stop Career Centers 4.994 Million Department of Youth Services 142.486 Million Division of Health Care Finance and Policy 25.256 Million Summer Jobs Program for At-Risk Youth 3.000 Million O Division of Industrial Accidents 19.106 Million NDepartment of Labor Standards 2.372 Million Division of Occupational Safety 2.203 Million Division of Labor Relations 1.905 Million Massachusetts Service Alliance 1.350 Million Office of the Secretary .967 Million Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership 325 Million Forensic Services for Mentally I 8.097 Million Soldiers' Home Administration and Operations 26.310 Million Commission on the Status of Women .070 Million Sheriffs' Association .344 Million Residential Services for Committed Population 95.970 Million Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Program .741 Million Non-Residential Services for Committed Population 21.619 Million Newborn Hearing Screening Program .065 Million Academic Detailing Program .093 Million Loan Forgiveness Program.157 Million Infection Prevention Program .251 Million Victim and Witness Assistance Board 1.236 Million Reserve for Benefit Change Reimbursement 19.806 Million IT Costs 24.651 Million Residential Services for Detained Population 18.256 Million Office of Campaign and Political Finance 1.270 Million, Administration and Finance 2,598,401 Million Youth Services Admin and Operations 4.141 Million State Ethics Commission 1.796 Million, Disabled Persons Protection Commission 2.210 Million Budget Savings Reserve 25.000 Million Collective Bargaining Reserves 26.420 Million State Lab Tuberculosis Testing 255 Million Department of Youth Services Teacher Salaries 2.500 Million Office of the Inspector General 2.831 Million Consolidated Long-Term Debt Service 1,883.842 Million Water Pollution Trust Contract Assistance 64.654 Million Food Protection Program Retained Revenue 375 Million Vital Records, Research, Cancer and Data 415 Million District Attorneys Association 3.477 Million i Commission Against Discrimination 4.634 Million MassDOT Contract Assistance 125.000 Million Commission for the Blind 27.271 Million State Lottery Commission 87.793 Million Civil Service Commission 410 Million Department of Conservation and Recreation 71.508 Million Drug and Medical Device Marketing Regulation 421 Milliona Pediatric Palliative Care .790 Million SEAL Dental Program Retained Revenue 889 Million Regional Emergency Medical Services 931 Million Community Health Center Services .963 Million Transfer to State Retiree Benefits Trust Fund 414.325 Million Turning 22 Program and Services 11.034 Million Office of the Child Advocate .243 Million Office on Disability 562 Million Human Resources Division 31.677 Million AState Parks and Recreation 42.137 Million Central Artery/Tunnel Debt Service 86.189 Million Governor's Office 4.536 Million A'Union Dental and Vision Insurance 26.950 Million DCR Seasonals 11.611 Million Supplemental Income for the Blind 8.351 MillionO George Fingold Library .796 Million Department of Public Health 499.715 Million Community Services for the Blind 3.911 Million Cultural Council 5.449 Million Short-Term Debt Service and Costs of Issuance 27.951 Million Human Resources Division 4.727 Million Administration 9.269 Million Division of Administrative Law Appeals 1.097 Million Compulsive Behavior Treatment Program 1.000 Million Violence Prevention Grants 1.000 Million Blood Lead Testing Fee 1.112 Million Drug Registration and Monitoring Fee 1.241 Million Parkways Snow and Ice 3.115 Million Streetlighting 3.000 Million Golf Courses 1.922 Million State House Park Rangers 1.527 Million Stormwater and Watershed Management 1.002 Million Skating Rink Fee Retained Revenue 1.000 Million Department of Environmental Protection 45.490 Million Vocational Rehabilitation for the Blind 3.008 Million Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance 16.550 Mill Public Libraries Local Aid 15.955 Million , A Accelerated Bridge Program Debt Service 25.217 Million Appellate Tax Board 1.859 Million Talking Book Program 2.662 Million Library Technology 1.929 Milliono Board of Library Commissioners .914 Million Board of Library Commissioners 21.460 Million Administration 13.659 Million Administration and Operations .965 Million State Office Building Rents 16.250 Million Public Health Hospitals 139.037 Million Grant Anticipation Notes Debt Service 22.607 Million Information Technology Division 3.869 Million Contractor Certification Program 300 Million RANS Premiums Debt Service 20.000 Million Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission 2.265 Million Welcome Home Bill Bonus Payments 2.155 Million Office of the Treasurer and Receiver-General 2,079.661 Million Dental Health Services 1.395 Million Department of Veterans' Services 69.195 Million Operational Services Division 5.568 Million Bureau of State Office Buildings 12.095 Million HIVIAIDS Drug Program Manufacturer Rebates 1.500 Million Substance Abuse Family Intervention & Care Pilot 1.500 Million Youth At-Risk Matching Grants 1.700 Million Nuclear Power Reactor Monitoring Fee 1.764 Million Secure Treatment Facilities for Opiate Addiction 2.000 Million" Bureau of Substance Abuse Services 74.810 Million Veterans' Benefits Including Annuities 38.530 Million Bureau of Special investigations 1.812 Million Medicaid Audit Unit .897 Million Division of Local Mandates 379 Million FUniversal Immunization Program 51.372 Million Sheriff's Departments 476.350 Million Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs 187.007 Million - Administration 25.438 Million Chief Justice for Admin and Management 185.437 Million Suffolk 96.042 Million Hazardous Waste Cleanup Program 11.973 Million Department of Energy Resources 3.208 Million Residential Conservation Service Program .230 Million Department of Public Utilities 10.636 Million e Annuities for Vets & Family 20.135 Million Federal Emergency Preparedness Grant 2.272 Million Commissioner of Probation 116.765 Million Judiciary 709.223 Million HIVIAIDS Prevention, Treatment and Services 39.037 Million Hampden 68.867 Million Assistance to Homeless Veterans 4.569 Million O Toxics Use 3.052 Million Office of the State Auditor 16.749 Million Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Services 2.378 Million WIC Nutritional Services 36.876 Million Veterans' Services Admin and Operations 2.348 Million A Middlesex 60.538 Million District Court 65.193 Million Safe Drinking Water Act 1.464 Milion Clean Air Act 1.264 Million Brownfields Site Audit Program 1.020 Million Recycling and Solid Waste Operations .275 Million Office of the Secretary 21.536 Million Office of the Attorney General 37.190 Million Administration 22.591 Million JUDICIARY Boards of Registration 2.829 Million Early Intervention Services 31.144 Million Veterans' Outreach 1.912 Millioni Essex 45.356 Million Department of Agricultural Resources 15.847 Million Trial Court Justices' Salaries 47.307 Million Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program 3.160 Million WIC Program Manufacturer Rebates 23.600 Million Agawam and Winchendon Veterans' Cemeteries 1.248 Million Medicaid Fraud Control Unit 4.064 Million Emergency Food Assistance Program 11.500 MillionO Wage Enforcement Program 2.952 Million Worcester 39.729 Million Superior Court 28.194 Million Environmental Health Assessment and Compliance 3.205 Million Western MA Hospital Federal Reimbursement 16.457 Million Rehabilitation Commission 41.456 Million Administration 4.437 Million Public Utilities Proceedings Unit 2.355 Million ADEPENDANG Plymouth 40.910 Million Fisheries and Wildlife Programs 11.606 Million Marine Fisheries Programs 5.668 Millione Wildlife Habitat Purchase 1.000 Million Department of Fish and Game Admin .658 Million Fishing and Boating Access 429 Million Trial Court 27.000 Million Health Promotion and Disease Prevention 3.400 Million Compensation to Victims of Violent Crimes 2.188 Million Insurance Proceedings Unit 1.539 Million False Claims Recovery .775 Million Auto Ins Fraud Investigation and Prosecution 438 Million Workers' Comp Fraud Investigation and Prosecution .284 Million Public Health Critical Operations 15.394 Million Independent Living Assistance 12.226 MillionO Trial Court 519.865 Million OEnergy and Environmental Affairs Admin 13.262 Million Suicide Prevention and Intervention Program 3.569 Million Head Injury Treatment Services 11.171 Million Bristol 35.662 Million Environmental Law Enforcement 8.237 Million State Lab/ Communicable Disease Control Services 12.963 Million Probation Service Fees 26.000 Million Smoking Prevention and Cessation Programs 4.150 Million Vocational Rehabilitation for the Disabled 10.013 Million Norfolk 26.480 Million School-Based Health Programs 11.597 Million Division of Health Care Quality and Improvement 6.242 Million Probate and Family Court 23.480 Million Home Care Services for the Multi-Disabled 4.337 Million Employment Assistance 2.428 Million Shattuck Hospitals 4.545 Million O Barnstable 21.867 Million Office of Community Corrections 22.024 Million Riverways Protection and Restoration 416 Million Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Treatment 5.507 Million Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Programs 4.906 Million Berkshire 14.858 Million Juvenile Court 11.821 Million Trial Court Additional Expenses 9.300 Million Family Health Services 4.656 Million Turning 22 Program and Services .791 Million Department of Fish and Game 18.780 Million Secretary of the Commonwealth 35.017 Million Administration 6.177 Million Hampshire 11.717 Million MRC Admin and Operations 488 Million Commission on Judicial Conduct .575 Million Substance Abuse Step-Down Recovery Services 4.800 Million Franklin 10.771 Million Boston Municipal Court 8.782 Million Low-Income Citizenship Program .237 Million Central Voter Registration Computer System 4.937 Million Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee .781 Million Housing Court 5.435 Million What is not included Independent Agencies 3,473.180 Billion Dukes 2.453 Million Transfer to State Retiree Benefits Trust Fund 414.325 Million Elections Division Admin 4.900 Million Commission on Judicial Conduct 1.061 Million Nantucket .747 Million Land Court 3.086 Million Middiesex Registry of Deeds 3.988 Million Essex Registry of Deeds 3.720 Million Worcester Registry of Deeds 2.816 Million Suffolk Registry of Deeds 1.734 Million Hampden Registry of Deeds 1.642 Million State Archives & Records .954 Million District Attorney's Offices 94.407 Million Jury Commissioner 2.355 Million NAppeals Court 10.501 Million The below items are prominent examples of off-budget expenditures by the state. This is not a comprehensive listing of all off-budget spending OSuffolk 16.407 Million ONorthern (Middlesex) 14.206 Million OMiddle (Worcester) 9.723 Million O Eastem (Essex) 8.915 Million Norfolk 8.627 Million Hampden 8.344 Million Supreme Judicial Court 19.971 Million Committee for Public Counsel Services 156.469 Million Transportation Trust Fund 195.126 Million Prisoners' Legal Services .902 Million Suffolk County Social Law Library 1.000 Million Board of Bar Examiners 1.057 Million Private Counsel Compensation 93.255 Million PIONEER INSTITUTE Berkshire Registry of Deeds 879 Million Historical Commission .750 Million Public Document Printing .600 Million Census Data Technical Assistance .500 Million Hampshire Registry of Deeds 471 Million Franklin Registry of Deeds 449 Million Bristol 7,727 Million Transfer to MBTA 160.000 Million Public Counsel Services 45.304 Million Clerk's Office 1.147 Million Plymouth 7.543 Million VNorthwestern 5.277 Million Cape and Islands District 3.896 Million Berkshire 3.737 Million O Transfer to Regional Transportation Authorities 15.000 Million Indigent Persons Fees and Court Costs 17.910 Million Legal Assistance Corporation 9.500 Million PUBLIC POLICYRESEARCH Y Office of the State Comptroller 7.800 Million Disclaimer: All items on chart are based on operating budget accounts and transfers as Judgments, Settlements and Legal Fees 4.900 Million contained in the FY11 GAA downloads from Overrides are not reflected. In many cases, accounts have been combined and retained revenues accounts have been folded into department administration accounts to improve readability of chart. Information to Voters .300 Million Corporate Dissolution .254 Million Commonwealth Museum .243 Million Office of the Comptroller 594.225 Million Sales Tax Contribution to School Building Assistance State Sales Tax Contribution to MBTA General Fund Contribution to State Pension Plan Capital Fund Spending Federal Grant Spending Lottery Gross Receipts (less on-budget local aid and admin) OERDICATO ANECUTIVE FINAN HUMAN AND D0000 DHAC OVIETEN OFFICE OF LIBBRIATE ENECUTIVE AGENCIES

The 2012 Massachusetts Budget

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A map of where and how much money the state of Massachussetts will spend across the 32.1 billion dollars of direct spending from the 2012 budget. The total budget is 30.6 billion dollars.





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