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101 Ways to Save Money At Work and Increase Profits for Small Businesses

63 Use all night courier Energy Saving 101 WAYS TO SAVE MONEY 64 Send the mail early 27 Go green 65 Go for bulk AT WORK AND INCREASE PROFITS FOR SMALL BUSINESSES 28 Install CFL bulbs Lease Out 29 Keep the windows open and use natural sunlight Do away with Fax machine 66 Sublet office space Phone System 30 Lighten up 67 Rent unused parking space 31 Install motion sensors 38 Switch off advertising lights on vending machine 68 Lease out company vehicle 32 Install timer Use VolP services 39 Switch off Wi-Fi during night and on holidays Location Reduce number of phone calls 33 Install meters 3. Dail toll-free 34 Install thermostat 69 Reconsider your office location 40 Inspect windows and ductwork for any air leakage 4 Re-examine the phone plan 35 Turn off computer and monitors 70 Make use of technology to avoid travel cost 36 Unplug unused laptop and phone chargers 41 Make sure that no obstacles are blocking 37 Change to energy-saving models of equipment Financial FoCus Office Overheads ducts or fans Don't buy complete security solutions 42 Clean or change furnace filters monthly during summer season 71 Switch to an online payment 72 Re-examine the insurance coverage and policy costs Get an alarm monitoring company 43 Do an energy audit that uses VolP Travel 73 Review marketing costs constantly Do away with Fax machine 8 Go Paperless 44 Avoid travelling at company expenses 74 Track variable expenses if necessary 75 Control unnecessary establishment expenses 6. 9 Buy recycled printer cartridges 45 Make use of technology to avoid travel cost 76 Maintain detailed records 10 Use two-sided printing 11 Share printers in the office Do the business online 81 Usage of e-mail 77 Pay bills on time 82 Look For Tax Deductions 78 Activate alerts on payments 47 Budget airlines and smaller hotels if needed 12 Upgrade office electronics 13 Sell older electronics 83 DIY 79 Make bank deposit early 14 Recycle stuff 15 All-in-one equipment 48 Dine at a discount 80 Seek clients with a value mentality 17 Use inexpensive web hosting 49 Have Fewer Meetings Working Together 16 Purchase second hand items or lease 50 Fly for free 84 Barter trade 85 Find Sponsors Software Marketing 86 Join an association 87 Share resources with other small businesses • 51 Use Social Media to promote your company 18 Upgrade the software only if necessary 88 Ask help from people you know 52 Use YouTube 19 Make use of open source software 53 Use a blog and update it regularly Use free cloud computing Staffing and Outsourcing 54 Use online forums and message boards 89 Outsource HR and Payroll duties 55 Make an e-newsletter 90 Outsource other small odd-jobs 56 Wait till the last minute Promotions 91 Offer part-time jobs or intern 57 Be a guest speaker 92 Hire consultants or contractors Look for offers and bulk booking Mailing 21 93 Hire interns looking for credits 22 Always ask for a discount 94 Look to local job centres or unemployment agency 58 Reduce mailing catalogue 23 Make bulk purchase 98 Hire part-timers during 95 Offer unpaid leave 59 Add publicity material in mailings busy period 96 Get creative with office leaves 24 Make use of online coupons 99 Use Time Tracking tools 60 Save on postage, send e-cards to clients to avoid wasting time 97 Stagger working hours 25 Take advantage of member rewards 61 Plan when to do mailings and deliveries 100 Adopt time attendance system 26 Ask for discounts for early payment 62 Use all night courier 101 Finally, teach your employees the importance of saving 46 20

101 Ways to Save Money At Work and Increase Profits for Small Businesses

shared by kezel on Nov 23
Created this infographics - 101 Ways to Save Money At Work and Increase Profits for Small Businesses. This will be one of many . I will be creating more "101 Ways to Save Money" in weeks to come.




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