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10 Reasons To Keep Our City Clean

10 REASONS TO KEEP YOUR CITY CLEAN LOVE YOUR CITY For Better Health Preserve the Environment Imparts Good Qualities - By preventing the accumulation of waste in our cities, we stop the risk of diseases developing and spreading. + If we will keep our city clean, it will impart a civic sense in us which will help us in the long run to achieve something big in life. + Never throw waste products in public places, but instead use dustbins to save our environment and preserve it. + A well kept community will help us to stay fit and healthy, therefore providing us with a longer life span. + These materials don't simply disappear, they simply dirty our streets or degrade our soil, and thus our environment. + Keep our surroundings clean modifies our character and imparts good qualities in us that helps to achieve great success. Clean cities help the economy drastically by attracting tourists. This is a fact that tourism increases economy of the country. Now, tourists are only attracted to those cities which are beautifully carved and are rich in historical architecture. If we keep our city dirty and if the heaps of garbage are all around, this will give a bad impact of our culture and Tifestyle and thus tourists will not visit our city. This will also affect the economic activities. Thus, we should keep our city clean as it will attract more and more tourists and thus will increase our state's economy. More Employment Opportunities Retain Cities Reputation Attracting Multinational ECONOMICAL FACTORS Companies More Space Preserve History Future Generations Rubbish and waste can take up a lot of space, meaning land can't be utilised for something more meaningful. + Graffiti, rubbish and waste destroys historical monuments and great landmarks whilst tainting our culture. » By destroying our natural reserves, historical buildings and çulture, our future generations will be devoid of our natural scenery. + If we want our city to have more space for parking, wider and clean roads and many more advantages of more availabilíty of space, we should keep our city clean and should preach the same to others. » These places represent who we are as a nation and are easily destroyed and devalued when not keeping our city streets clean. This is crucial to attracting more tourists and therefore boost the - We should keep our cities clean, so that our future generations can also have access to all of natural landscapes and memories which ultimately create the places we live in. economy. Visual by... Sources : Hydro Cleansing

10 Reasons To Keep Our City Clean

shared by sally.montgomer... on Feb 06
It is our duty as citizens to keep our cities clean, not just for us, but for tourists and our future generations to come. Take a look at these ten valid reasons for keeping our cities clean.



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