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Your Computer is Going Away

TechNewsDafly Your Computer is Going Away Soon, your smartphone, TiVo, laptop, television -- all of your current gadgets -- will be obsolete. The future is "ubiquitous computing." Think Google Docs, but on every screen you use, running every program you use -- every device drawing from the same pool of data and processing power. Here's how we got to this point. Currently, all digital devices include these four components: Display Interface A way to see output Ways to interact Processor The "brains" Storage A place to keep information --- ------ - - A brief history of computers In the mainframe era, multiple people waited for access to giant 1950s computers that could fillan entire room. Users accessed the same centrally located data and processors through telex machines, and later video screens. DISPLAY "IRE CONNECTION INTERFACE i PROCESSOR STORAGE In the personal computer era, smaller chips and cheaper data 1980s storage allowed each person to have their own computer. This all-inclusive PC was at first completely self-contained, but later wired networks began enabling users to share data between their computers. In the Internet era, ach person still worked at a PC that housed the 1990s memory, inputs and processors that make up a computer. However, users began spending more and more time accessing Web pages and downloading media content located on remote servers. The Internet WIRELESS CONNECTION In the emerging ubiquitous computing era, every device accesses all its data and processing power from the Internet "cloud." 2010 This means the devices themselves need not have any on-board processing or data storage, reducing their price and increasing their deployment. Addition- ally, the interface will move beyond the mouse and keyboard into task specific form-factors. Computers will be everywhere, but you won't even notice them. IRELESS CONNECTION KARL TATE,

Your Computer is Going Away

shared by judithgold on Dec 11
This infographic explains what ubiquitous computing is and how it's going to revolutionize the computer industry by putting all of your documents in every screen you use and every device taking the i...


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