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This Is Your Brain on a Slow Website

THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON A SLOW WEBSITE HOW FAST 2 is fast enough We want you to SO WE'RE be able to flick aiming very, very from one page to HIGH 100 another as quickly as you can flick a 57% page in a book. something like of online consumers WILL ABANDON A MILLISECONDS SLOW AFTER 3 PAGE SECONDS Urs Hölzle, Senior VP Operations, Google HOW YOUR BRAIN perceives page load times slow websites lead to O WEB STRESS 0.1 SECOND 10 SECONDS Studies show that we have to CONCENTRATE Keeps your attention.barely 50%% Feels instantaneouS 1 SECOND +10 SECONDS HARDER Lets you think seamlessly Loses you •when using SLOW WEBSITES 10 12 13 14 HOW YOUR BRAIN WORKS on a slow website Human memory is a complex phenomenon that involves many parts of your brain. Here's a simplified version of what happens when you visit a web page. TO YOUR ICONIC MEMORY... FROM YOUR EYES... When you visit a home page and click on a link, PHOTORECEPTOR CELLS in your eyes take all the visual information from the home page and send it... Iconic memory, housed in your OCCIPITAL LOBE, is a brief holding tank for visual information. Your iconic memory is wiped clean in 100ms bursts. After 100ms, you forget almost everything you saw on the home page. Only very few memories graduate to the next stage... TO YOUR SHORT-TERM MEMORY The surviving bits of visual information from the home You have page are stored mostly in your PREFRONTAL LOBE, but they decay fast. In less than 10-15 seconds, you've lost your train of thought and struggle to stay on task. NO CONTROL over any of these processes. 78% 78% of users say they've felt STRESS OR ANGER while using a slow website. 44% of users say that slow online transactions make them 44% ANXIOUS about the success of the transaction. 4% 4% of people have THROWN THEIR PHONE while using a slow mobile site. strangeloop Sources: PhoCusWright: Jakob Nielsen: Foviance: UIE: Harris Interactive:

This Is Your Brain on a Slow Website

shared by TammyEverts on Nov 06
Struggling with slow websites is stressful. When pages take more than 3 seconds to load, 57% of users will abandon the site. Almost half of all shoppers say that slow pages during checkout make them w...


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