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Is Your Availability Good Enough?

IS YOUR AVAILABILITY GOOD ENOUGH? DISCOVER WHERE YOU REALLY ARE ON THE JOURNEY TO CONTINUOUS AVAILABILITY 99% sounds pretty complete in theory, but imagine if only 99% of your orders shipped. When it comes to availability, 99% really isn't ideal. Look at the availability solutions and do the math below to find out how downtime affects organizations and decide what protection level your systems, applications, and data require. MAKE YOURSELF AVAILABLE 54% 65% of respondents say their of companies say amount business requires over of business-critical 99.99% availability applications is increasing Yearly Impact: Avg. Number of Downtime Events/Year: $880,600 AVG. TIME DOWN 3.4 MID-SIZED ORGANIZATIONS 3.5 HOURS AVG. COST/HOUR $74,000 20 40 80 100 4 MOST COMMON CAUSES OF DOWNTIME HOURLY COST OF DOWNTIME Large $686,250.00 $215,637.76 $163,674.14 $8,580.99 Medium Average Small Hardware Failure Upgrades Migrations Company Size AVAILABILITY FROM BASECAMP TO SUMMIT START AT THE BOTTOM AND CLIMB YOUR WAY UP TO CONTINUOUS AVAILABILITY! Level of Human Interaction After Failure Somewhat Reactive Proactive Reactive KEY Prevents Requires Recovers After Complexity of Implementation Downtime Human AVAILABILITY Interaction Failure $ Initial Purchase Price COST OF DOWNTIME INDEX MULTIPLIER ยป LEVEL of best-in-class organizations use fault-tolerant servers to provide high availability Stratus Technologies 67% FAULT-TOLERANT HARDWARE 99.9995% JJ.JJJ. Very Low $ Medium to High 2 MINUTES 38 SECONDS Operational and * Very Low Management Costs: 0.04 LOW * Low f Very Low $ Medium SOFTWARE FAULT- TOLERANT SOLUTIONS 99.999% 5 MINUTES 15 SECONDS Operational and Management Costs: O 0.08 LOW * Low $ Medium to High Low VIRTUALIZED HIGH-AVAILABILITY 99.99% SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS ] 53 MINUTES Operational and O 0.88 Management Costs: MEDIUM TO LOW "The Failover Cluster Instance itself doesn't provide data protection; data loss is dependent upon the storage system implementation. "12 $ High TRADITIONAL 99.95% * Very High HIGH-AVAILABILITY 4 HOURS 23 MINUTES SERVER CLUSTERING Very High 4.38 Operational and Management Costs: HIGH $ Medium currently running virtualization had 27% Low downtime events lasting over 1 hour Medium 99.9% VIRTUALIZATION 8 HOURS 46 MINUTES Operational and Management Costs: O 8.77 MEDIUM TO LOW $ Medium CONTINUOUS DATA * Medium 99.9% Medium REPLICATION 8 HOURS 46 MINUTES 8 8.77 Operational and Management Costs: MEDIUM TO LOW STANDARD SERVER 66% still mistakenly rely on traditional backup for system availability WITH HOT STANDBY 99% AND BACKUP 87 HOURS 36 MINUTES High Operational and O 87.60 Management Costs: * Very Low VERY LOW $ Very Low WHERE ARE YOU ON YOUR JOURNEY TO CONTINUOUS AVAILABILITY? NOW THAT YOU'VE CLIMBED TO THE SUMMIT, CALCULATE YOUR RISK HERE'S HOW: GRAB A CALCULATOR TO FIND YOUR YEARLY DOWNTIME RISK.. STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 Determine your organization's hourly Find your current solution on the mountain and enter the corresponding Cost of Downtime Index Multiplier. Multiply Step 1's number by Step 2's number. The resulting number is your Current Yearly Downtime Risk. cost of downtime or use an estimate from the source documents provided. COMPARE THE COST OF YOUR CURRENT SOLUTION TO YOUR CURRENT YEARLY DOWNTIME RISK Is this Risk Exposure in line with your company's goals and risk management strategy? HIDDEN COSTS OF DOWNTIME 5. 6. Compliance and Regulatory Impact Employee Recovery and Business and Discontent and Damaged Productivity Reconciliation Asset Costs Lost Customers Reputation 10 11 IT TAKES TWICE AS LONG TO RECONCILE AFTER AVAILABILITY IS RESTORED A database failover process could take 2X 20 MINUTES HTTP://GO.STRATUS.COM/AVAILABILITY-INFOGRAPHIC SOURCES: 1) Information Technology Intelligence Consulting (ITIC) Report 2) ReRez: State of the Data Center Survey Stratus Technologies 3) Aberdeen Group: Four Steps to Determine the Right Budget for Downtime Prevention 4) Continuity Software: 2013 Service Availability Benchmark Survey 5) Aberdeen Group: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery 6) Aberdeen Group: Best Practices for Protecting Virtualized Applications 7) Stratus: 2013 Public Safety PSAP Survey Results 8) Industry Week Survey: How to Avoid Manufacturing Application Downtime 9) Deepak Mane: Calculating the Costs of Downtime 10) Mike Otey: Maximizing SQL Server Availability 11) AC Group Survey: Cost and Implications of EHR System Downtime on Physician Practices 12) Microsoft SQL Server AlwaysOn Solutions Guide for High Availability and Disaster Recovery Cost per Hour %24 **

Is Your Availability Good Enough?

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99% sounds pretty complete in theory, buy imagine if only 99% of your orders shipped. When it comes to availability, 99% really isn't ideal.


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