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The Year of the Google Smart Home

2014 Finally, the Year of the GOOGLE SMART HOME What's a SMART HOME? It's a FULLY AUTOMATED, connected habitat giving you the ability to control its functions remotely. THINKING OF THE JETSONS? YOU'RE NOT TOO FAR OFF! With Google's recent $3.2 BILLION purchase of home automation company NEST, 1962's Jetson lifestyle may finally come to be in 2014! Imagine this: all the features of the Internet that YOUR HOUSE BECOMES A VIRTUAL "INTERNET OF THINGS." You can remotely control everything from the lights to the door locks! make your life easier are transferred to your home. >> Google's acquisition of Nest suggests we're on that path. << And there's Nest Protect, a smoke Nest captured the giant's interest with its innovative Internet-connected thermostat, which allows homeowners to keep an eye on the climate while away. detector that can communicate with the thermostat and "talk" about issues if one arises. It's not too much of a stretch to imagine that Nest technology could easily spread to other home appliances. -IMAGINE THIS- A smart refrigerator that can manage grocery lists, keep track of food expiration dates, and even suggest recipes. A smart oven that can automatically adjust temperature. HIE These are all in development with first editions already on the market. READY FORA SHOW? THIS ISN'T YOUR TV OF 10 YEARS AGO. GOOGLE'S SMALL AND SIMPLE CHROMECAST DEVICE takes entertainment from computers, smartphones, or tablets, and transfers it to the big screen! THE $35 DEVICE SUPPORTS CONTENT FROM COOL SOURCES LIKE NETFLIX, YOUTUBE, HULU, AND SPOTIFY. FEELING THE NEED FOR SPEED? GOOGLE FIBER brings extraordinarily fast Internet to a growing number of U.S. communities. THE SERVICE Currently, it's available in IS 100 TIMES FASTER THAN Kansas City, THE BASIC Austin, Provo, and Palo Alto. MORE BROADBAND WE'RE ALL TOWNS TO COME! USED TO. DON'T FEEL LIKE GETTING OUT OF BED? YOU'RE IN FOR A TREAT WITH FLUTTER. Google paid $40 million for this "kinect" technology. It allows you to use hand gestures JUST MOVE YOUR HAND, AND YOU CAN PAUSE, SKIP, FAST FORWARD, REWIND, AND MORE... WOW! to control your streaming media. This technology could easily spread in the future to the entire home experience. Open drapes, dim lights, turn on the coffee maker, all with a wave of the hand! GOOGLE'S $25 MILLION BUFFERBOX REINVENTS GOOGLE'S EVEN GETTING INTO YOUR MAILBOX. THE PERSONAL HEALTH FIELD! Tired of missing package deliv- ery because you're not The company is working on "smart" contact lenses. home? THESE LENSES HELP PEOPLE WITH DIABETES BY MONITORING GLUCOSE LEVELS THROUGH THEIR TEARS, NOT BLOOD-NO MORE PAINFUL NEEDLES! Simply shop with Bufferbox: pick up online purchases 24-7 from a kiosk location. Bufferbox kiosks are currently The service provides a unique COULD THIS LEAD TO FURTHER "unlock" code so 4TY55 available in HEALTH PERSONALIZATION IN you can retrieve your loot. Toronto and San THE COMFORT OF OUR HOMES? Francisco. How about automatic environmental adjustments, such as allergen control, air temperature optimization, sound therapy for relaxation.? WILL WE BE LIVING LONGER AND STRONGER IN THE "SMART HOUSE?" IT'S PROBABLY NOT TOO FAR IN THE FUTURE! Sources:

The Year of the Google Smart Home

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It’s hard to hear talk about a “smart home”—in essence, a fully automated, connected habitat that allows residents the ability to control its functions remotely—without thinking of that most...


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