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The World's Digital Document

PDF: THE WORLD'S DIGITAL DOCUMENT PDF Paperwork has always been a barrier in communication. How many deals are needlessly delayed because the other party has to sign and mail a contract by hand? In 1993, the creation of the Portable Document Fomat (PDF) marked the beginning of a true paper alternative, but its release as an ISO open standard in 2008 was when things really started to kick off. Today, paperwork processing that once took days occurs instantaneously. THE RISE OF PDF AS THE WORLD'S DIGITAL DOCUMENT As the electronic equivalent of paper, PDF documents let you and your customers process paperwork in seconds-without leaving your desk. PDF viewers represent the second largest software category after web browsers, with more than 1 billion users. PDF Used for everything from plane tickets to bank statements to contracts, it's the world's de facto standard for digital documents. VIEW Digital documents allow people to exchange information more efficiently and more securely than physical paper. -- --- - I--- ---- ----- HOW FAMILIAR ARE PEOPLE WITH PDF? Americans have come to encounter PDF more and more in the format's 19 year history, yet less than half consider themselves familiar with it. PDF Very familiar or familiar with PDF Somewhat familiar or not familiar with PDF KEY Do not know if they are familiar with PDF 5.8% 45.7% 48.5% 24% Very familiar Not familiar 18.6% 24.5% Familiar Somewhat familiar 27.1% Significant percentages of Americans claim to regularly use the types of documents typically offered as PDF files: 50 100 Bank/Financial Statements 52.1% RECEIPT Paper Receipts 45% Travel Tickets/ Itineraries 17.1% Insurance Forms 14.5% Event Tickets 14.4% Additionally, one in four Americans claim to sign and return documents like contracts or forms often or very often – a process that can be reduced to seconds using PDF. 24.6% 50 100 PDF familiarity by income: 58% 37.1% Americans with Only 37.1 percent of Americans with incomes of $75,000 are more familiar with incomes under PDF (58 percent) than $30,000 are familiar other income levels. with PDF. PDF familiarity by region: KEY West North-Central South 44.8% 56.1% 44.6% The democratization of PDF began with its release as an ISO Open Standard in 2008, and – thanks to an ever-growing number of free and low-cost alternatives – usage and adoption has been steadily rising since. nitro SOURCE: NITRO TNS SURVEY

The World's Digital Document

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In 1993, the creation of Portable Document Format ( PDF) marked the beginning of a true ‘paper alternative’ but its release as an ISO open standard in 2008 was when things really started to kick o...




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