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The World Without Apple

the World without (APPLE What's missing there? iMac The ultimate all- in-one desktop computer iPad The brand new tablet computer iPod touch It's a great iPod. It puts music, movies, games, and more in the palm of your hand iPhone GSM cell phone with a hi-res display, video calling, HD video recording and 5-MPX camera 1975 MAC EVOLUTION Apple founded SHARE PRICES ENTRY LEVEL PRICE 50 100 150 200 '81 '82 '83 $2,495 Macintosh 128K: a compact all-in-one personale computer AUG $1.88 Steve Jobs leaves Apple and purchases Pixar '86 '87 '88 $6,500 Macintosh Portable: first attempt at a portable computer '90 $3,660 91 PowerBook: new portable series, features a 10 inch colour-screen, room for palm rest and a trackball '92 '93 $2,486 94 Power Macintosh models, transition from Motorola's Processor to PowerPC chips '95 Steve Jobs Apple's buyout '96 PowerMac G3, 233 MHz $1,593 iMac: USB ports, drop support for SCSI and floppy drives PowerBook G3: 2nd generation of its portable lineup iBook: Unified Motherboard Architeture with clamshell 00 ..... shape and tough plastic exterior Power Macintosh G4 Cube '02 i.iPod: First Apple portable digital music player $399 '03 iPod mini: height and size of a business card '05 $2,148 iMac:Intel processor platform MacBook Pro: portable with Intel Processor 07 iPod touch: touch screen and WiFi DEC $198.08 '08 MacBook Air: JAN 21 S80.58 "09 $499 thinnest laptop iPhone 3G 10 iPad: the newest product AUG 19 2010 $249.88 APPLE'S WORLD 5,000.000 $42.91on songs billion revenue movies 350 tv shows EBOOKS IBooks MOBILE ADVERTISING IAd 34,300 CLOUD SERVICES MobileMe employees PHONE IPhone EMAIL MobileMe OPERATING SYSTEM OSx Reigning over the entertainment industry HDTV HARDWARE AppleTv TABLET IPad BROWSER Safari PORTABLE MEDIA PLAYER İPod APP STORE ITunes NAVIGATION PlaceBase OFFICE IWork APPLE STORE +250,000 applications 28,000 developers made by over | 22 23 | 24 who wait for their 4,78 App's approval an average of days In 2009 Apple store users downloaded an average of 4,8 applications each Sources:,,,,,,, VIDEO SERVICE iTunes WEB SOFTWARE Quicktime GAMING App Store

The World Without Apple

shared by youcom on Jan 24
What would the world look like without Apple products? This infographic takes a look at the world with Apple, a brief history of Apple, and Apple store application use.


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