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Will Your Password Be The Next To Be Compromised?

WHY YOUR PASSWORD IS THE NEXT TO GET NABBED In this digital age, our lives revolve around passwords. We've all heard that using the same password for multiple accounts is dangerous, both personally and professionally. Although, that hasn't stopped us from using our favorites again and again. How did we get here? PASSWORD HISTORY 101 Computer passwords have had a history of weak and easily hacked systems that are still in use 1961 World's first computer password was created for a system at MIT 1980's Passwords were used Home computers, like the Commodore Vic-20 became the norm as a "lock" on shared terminals Consequently this marked the first hack when those stored password files were printed 760 thousand personal computers sold in 1980 6.6 million sold in 1985 A few macro logins were used between work and home One computer, one user, no internet 1990's The Commodore 64 refined the technology of the VIC-20 and became one of the most popular computers of the 80's CompuServe, America Online, and birth of the 'public' Internet 1992: Windows introduced multi-user logins with the Windows 3.11 Workgroups software Users accessed a handful of sites that required a password The most popular passwords 2000's then were, "12345," "abc123, and "password" The era of bring-your- own-technology-first -devices, and then the apps (millions of them) In 2011, 85% of SMBS had employee-owned devices being used for work purposes; Some of the largest data breaches were recorded that year TODAY Hundreds of apps - few unique passwords •Average # of personal and business apps - 545 •Average # of unique passwords- 10 1.2M apps in the iTunes App Store •75 billion downloads to date •Individuals use 26 apps/month on average Collaborative, cloud work tools like Dropbox, Google Apps, and Salesforce made it easy for remote teams to work together. They created the need to share one password among multiple users, in multiple locations INVASION IN THE CLOUDS: SO MANY APPS; SO MANY PASSWORDS Today 85% of all new It's expected that more than 48 million apps will By 2018 software development is cloud-based 30% of workloads be cloud-based by 2016 will be done in the cloud BYOA/PERSONAL PRODUCTIVITY APPS 70% of companies 30% of adults report using employee-introduced apps have more than 10 passwords to remember PASSWORD BEHAVIOR: USER ON3 BAD MONK3Y ON3 BAD MON... 75% 37% of people only change a say they have to request a password reset on at least letter to a character to create a password they consider unique one website per month due to forgetfulness DONT FORGET! We also have passwords for bank accounts, shopping accounts, email accounts, PIN numbers, bill paying accounts... We're overvwhelmed with passwords PAS SWORD A RECENT DATA BREACH OF A BIG COMPANY EXPOSED SALARY INFORMATION FOR 30K EMPLOYEES was one of the most common passwords of the 1990's Big companies are still guilty of using it today The IT department had the most sensitive password information hidden under the label.. "Passwords" PASSWORDS IT Some passwords for the company's social media accounts were "hidden" in equally badly named folders like: "Facebook login password" Top 5 most common passwords recorded in 2014 1. 123456 2. PASSWORD 3. 12345 4. 12345678 5. QWERTY YOUR PASS WORDS ARE LAME 90% of employee passwords are crackable within 6 hours x XXXX 65% of people use the same password everywhere AND IT'S COSTING MONEY It cost $200,000 for a small business to fix issues post-breach $170M paid by a single company after a large data breach 6 out of 10 businesses say remembering passwords has a negative effect on productivity **** PASSWORD MANAGEMENT IT pros grossly underestimate the number of apps employees have access to While IT reported an average of Ex-employees are walking away with their passwords 2.8 APPS in the workplace, subsequent app discovery data shows the average to be closer to 89% retained access to Salesforce, PayPal, email, SharePoint, Facebook and other sensitive corporate information 21 apps – a 7x disparity 49% actually logged into ex-employer accounts after leaving the company Password Pain Poor Password Habits 47% of corporate knowledge workers report a productivity drain due to password 47% maintain a spreadsheet 32% rely on memory 31% use another form of 38% of knowledge workers share access to web apps and services management electronic storage 27% write password on paper HOW DO WE KEEP TRACK OF IT ALL? Hackers often look for corporate data through personal email Personal email is preferred by many employees It's easy to use and easily accessible Many employees have work emails automatically forwarded to personal email hosts The problem Personal email services don't have the same security measures - Leaves individuals and employers open to phishing and malware Sharing passwords with others is number five on the list of the most common mistakes - 18% of employees share their passwords with others Sources securitywatch blog Meldium BomoG 1-499060.html blogs blog NOWSOURCING campaign=socialfiow gizmodo twitter&utm source-gizmodo twittersutm mediumsocialfiow Seo Intermedianet/reports/rogueaccess thepeoplehistory pcww1203.hem cidamash-com-fb-main-link %24

Will Your Password Be The Next To Be Compromised?

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Every year passwords like 'password' and '123456' top the charts for the most used passwords of the year. Learn how to protect yourself and your password from this infographic.





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