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Why you should install computer memory By

WHY YOU SHOULD INSTALL COMPUTER MEMORY ΝΟ ΝΕED ΤΟ ΡΑΝIC It might seem tempting to take your computer to a repair shop and have a technician install new memory, but it will be costly - especially when you can install memory yourself in minutes. By installing your own memory, you'll save time and money, increase your confidence and learn a little about how your computer works in the process. What is computer memory? Technically speaking, computer memory is called Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM), a component in your computer that allows for short-term data access. Loading applications Browsing the web Editing a spreadsheet How does memory help your computer? If your computer is a car, and all you want to do is go for a leisurely Sunday drive, then your car probably has enough horsepower. But let's say you want to punch it up a notch? If zero to 60 in under five is more your speed, then you're going to need more horsepower.. %3D What happens if you don't have enough memory? Here are a few easy-to-recognise signs that your computer may be in need of a memory upgrade... 2 X X 1. You experience poor performance in everyday tasks. Programs either don't respond or take longer than usual to load. 2. You try to multitask and toggle between multiple programs, and your system slows to a crawl. 3. You experience display problems. When you try to access a webpage, it only partially loads. You occasionally see a blank space where data is supposed to be. 4. You try to load a program and your system freezes. 5. In some cases, your computer refuses to operate at all. When you try to open a file or program, your system doesn't respond. How to install memory Installing memory is easy - it's as simple as changing a battery. Here's how to install memory in 5 minutes or less. 2 SHUTTING DOWN Kill the power. Turn off your system and remove the battery if necessary.- Pop the hood. Open your system's case and remove screws if necessary to gain access to the memory bay. Close it up. Reassemble your system. Plug and play. Ground yourself to get rid of electro- static discharge that's naturally present in the human body. Then, remove existing memory modules and insert your new ones. 5 Good to Go. Turn on your computer and buckle up! WELCOME BACK! 4 ways you can save by installing memory yourself You don't have to go to a computer shop to find compatible memory 24 You can save on the cost of memory modules You can install from the comfort of your living room You can save on labour costs Find compatible, affordable memory in less than 60 seconds Use the System Scanner tool, which analyse your system's hardware and recommends best-fit upgrades based on your system's specs. Then, once you know what you need to get, watch one of our install videos and we'll walk you through the process from start to finish. crucial FIND COMPATIBLE MEMORY by Micron 画

Why you should install computer memory By

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Installing your own computer memory will save you time and money




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