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Why Content for SEO?

Why CONTENT SEO? for THE PANDA FACTOR CONTENT FOR SEO "Our site quality algorithms are aimed at helping people find 'high-quality" sites by reducing the rankings of low-quality content." www Amit Singhal, Google Fellow The major search engines are focusing on creating the best possible user experience, which means sites that offer relevant information stand to gain the most visibility. Investing in original, quality CONTENT FUELS GOOGLE ORGANIC TRAFFIC 355 KEYWORDS content creation is essential to SEO success in the current search climate, and the benefits of producing visitor-friendly content go far beyond rankings. 132 KEYWORDS DEC 27 JAN 24 FEB 21 PANDA UPDATE 1 February 24 201 PANDA UPDATE 25 PANDA UPDATE 2.5 PANDA UPDATE 2.1 PANDA UPDATE 2 PANDA UPDATE 2.2 PANDA UPDATE 24 92% A content marketing strategy carried across this sales management business' landing pages, frequently updated blog posts and Tweets has steadily increased its organic search traffic through all of Google's Panda updates. The number of referring keywords has risen by more than 150 percent over the same time period. of marketers say that content creation is either "very effective" or "somewhat effective" for SEO SOCIAL IS SEO AND CONTENT IS SOCIAL 50% 40% +1 Bing uses Facebook Likes as a ranking signal for logged in users Google says it is working on using +1 as a ranking signal Tweets help Google index content faster of marketers cite WHITEPAPERS of marketers cite WEB PAGES as "very effective" as "very effective" for SEO for SEO v27 million pieces of online content are shared daily IMPACT OF SOCIAL ON SEO ACCORDING TO US B2B MARKETERS 76% of marketers who have strategic SEO campaigns in place invest in content creation v>) in 5 social media messages include links to content 44% 1% 60 percent positive negative of content-sharing messages specific to an industry mention a brand or product by name THE BRAND EFFECT ►► Branding tells a story, and stories rely on content "Try to make a site that is SO fantastic you become an authority in your niche." BRAND BRAND 50% BRAND BRAND of consumers are more likely to click on a search result if the brand appears multiple times on the results page Matt Cutts, head of Google's web spam team ON WHETHER GOOGLE GIVES MORE WEIGHT TO BRANDS IN RANKINGS CONTENT CONVERTS SEARCH (AND OTHER) VISITORS 60% 52% of business decision makers say branded content helps them make better product decisions of consumers say blogs have impacted purchase decisions 61% 57% of consumers are more likely to purchase goods from businesses that offer custom content of marketers have acquired new customers via their blogs 19% 42% of beauty buyers who made purchases based on blog posts say they stumbled upon the content via search of consumers look to articles and blogs for info about potential purchases MARKETERS' FORECAST FOR SEO ► Predicted value of search factors PAID LINKS AD:CONTENT RATIO SITE INTERACTION CONTENT SOCIAL SIGNALS Importance of CTR, bounce rate, etc. Effectiveness of Impact of balancing ads and content Value of content's Impact of page-level social signals (driven by content) paid links usability and readability BRIGHT OUTLOOK S Marketers are investing $12.5 billion in online content SOURCES CONTENT FOR SEO Souttaringshepa Renchmak Seach Makesing Surey pwww.sobd convdocsa14012-Saoh-Marting-Benchna-PeponSEC-Fason-ExCERPT and toarchengineland.comec-sts-cnioritetmatatingsternapenchmarkud-1S THE PANDA FACTOR htggoglevetrastercentalbioguootcom201105mo vonoine conten eopMr and wsdestarenetiduckoldooma encertert-seringsdy BRAND EFFECT ot pertomies.comseachvanooschergire gedyow-do-your-oustomers-inteact-wtn-seach-enginesi pwwwyountbe.con/watchvMMPWUhuu pa CONTENT CONVERTS SEARCH AND OTHER VISITORS w. n -right mp CAT OF RED PACTORS Brafton

Why Content for SEO?

shared by Brafton on Feb 29
As this infographic shows, content marketing is the key to SEO success in the current search landscape.




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