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Where Will Your Skills Take You?

WHERE WILL YOUR SKILLS KCODYMARITER TAKE YOU ER SPECIALIST WEB ANALYST ECT ARCHIT MANAGER MANAGER MANAGER YOU FIND CRYSTAL BALL GAZING a much more satisfying way to spend hours unblinking. ARMED WITH EAGERNESS AND KNOW-HOW, UX You're the voice of the web. From a simple CTA to a whole blog post, you're the wordsmith. MARKETER you're ready to take on the digital world. And it's okay if you don't know what you want to be from now until forever. The world of digital is as fluid and transient as you make it. The most important thing is that you begin. You're the head coach of search engine optímization. You oversee the players and It's not enough to just say, "This project is going to be mind-blowing." Clients want US the playbook to make sure your site ends up in the best position. THESAURUSES OWNED: MOLESKIN BOOKS IN POCKET: 003 HTML concrete performance results. You're the one who tracks it and adjusts when necessary. KPIS MEASURED PER DAY: You're like a human GPS, making sure each site can be navigated with ease and no one gets lost. ARROWS DRAWN HOURLY: HTMLUS You make things happen. End of story You're the brains and braun behind over- all online marketing strategies. 006 CSS You're the glue between the clients and You're the head baker, making sure every ingredient - from resourcing to budgets - come together just right to make something awesome. 999 You're the one who can take the best the interactive team. Making sure they both share the same vision - making HOURS PER DAY IN MEETINGS: 8. 6 things from the marketing world and masterfully apply them to an ever- evolving mobile world. 600 awesome, effective things. CONTENT DELIVERY All about content, huh? Nice. Let's start creating things. Follow your skills to see where you land. SHOES IN CLOSET: 0 32 # OF ITEMS ON TO-DO LIST: VWLS USD N SNTNCS: 0 00 HR MARKETER ISH DESIGNER FL ARTIST INE MARKETER ANI DESIONER DIRECTOR UX НTML DESIGNER So you're a born and bred designer? That's beautiful, but there's still plenty to narrow down. Follow your skills and let's FL НТML DESIGNER UX You're not just a buzzword. You're a community builder. From planning to HTML see where you land in the design world. development, you get people to gather around a brand. You're the beauty of the operation, creating NESIGNER If a site were a club, you'd be the pro- moter, using your smart, concise search engine wit to attract the perfect clientele. FORM UK DESIGNER UX UX emotional connections with customers through visual branding, graphic elements, iconography and typography. HOURS PER DAY ON FACEBOOK: 0 6 0 CANT DIRECTOR You are a Flash Wizard and you use it to design magical interactive experiences. You're the overseer of the greatness. Part You're the braun in the final execution. Retouching graphics, optimizing for all platforms and tightening all the nuts and bolts. НТМ CSS НTM US HTML creative visionary. Part manager. You decide on the big picture and guide the DEVELOPER So you want to be a developer? This is an exciting territory full of specialities. Follow your skills and let's see where you land in the developer world. CSS VIDEO GAMES BOUGHT THIS YR: 0 4 7 GOOGLE T-SHIRTS OWNED: You're the master of form and function. Not only do you engage visitors, but you suck them in and keep them there. NUMBER OF TATTOOS: 085 CSS creative team to the finish line. 003 HEADER DAILY USE OF WORD "STORY": 0 58 PROGRAMS OPEN IN MAC DOCK: 0 25 NUMBER OF PLAID SHIRTS: You put yourself in the user's shoes. immerse yourself in data. In the end, you can design a user experience for even the most specific of audiences. 012 You're up in people's heads. Practically a psychologist. You know how they use the web, and then place content in a way that From big idea development to execution, you're the guiding force in the creative concept and style. IT'S OK AT LEAST YOU HAVE CATS GATHERING INGREDIENTS for the newest artisanal condiment craze. TIME TO GO BACK TO COLLEGE You always wanted to learn General Studies. draws them in and maximizes the experience. Tabbies don't schedule meetings and not show up. ALCOHOLIC DRINKS PER DAY: 3. 5 AVG. MINUTES NOT BLINKING: 0 03 APPLE PRODUCTS OWNED: 014 RECOMMENDED SKILLS DEVELOPER O0P TE DEVELOPER UX FL IS НТML CSS design knowledge Adobe Flash UX HIEHDEREONS writing AIR HTML HTM IS CSS DEVELOPER OOP HTML HTM CSS UX usability AIR Adobe AIR END DEVELORER mobile management object oriented OP HTML IS OOP programming analysis/strategy YEARS OF DED AND CODING Lead you down the dark path of necromancy CSS You put the action in ActionScript. You're the one who brings the designs to life. UX CSSHTML coding knowledge client relations Fx communication You're a client's best friend, using Flex to create rich client data apps. You're like the Rosetta Stone of the Internet. EMPTY COFFEE CUPS ON DESK: 0 0 4 You speak multiple codes to ensure websites work across myriad platforms and use your talent to add the cool factor to sometimes lackluster experiences. You're the mutual friend between mobile Dynamite does indeed come in small packages. You're the force behind making small-screen apps with a big-screen attitude. DAYS SINCE LAST SHOWER: and the traditional web. The one that introduced the two before they fell in love and got married. 003 HOURS OF SLEEP PER NIGHT: 0 0 5 MOBILE PHONES ON DESK: HOURS PER DAY IN THE SUN: 011 The logos, brands and trademarks featured or referred to are the property of their respective trademark holders. These trademark holders are not affiliated with and do not sponsor or endorse Vitamin T's products, services or website. Copyright 2011 Vitamin T. 002 vitamin NTERACTIVE PRODUCTION WEB FRONT SEARCH MOBILE MOBILE ONLINE INTERACTIVE ART DIA ANERACTIVE INNO PROJECT NTERACTIVE CREATIVE DIR NTERACTIVE

Where Will Your Skills Take You?

shared by TiffanyJennings on Oct 12
A "choose your own adventure" style infographic showing career choices for digital creative.


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