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What's in and what's out in Office 2013?

WHAT'S IN AND WHAT'S OUT IN OFFICE 2013 Having revolutionised their venerable OS franchise with Windows 8, Microsoft are aiming to fully integrate Office 2013 with their new vision. We look at what's in and what's out in the latest edition of the world's most-used software suite. N WHAT'S IN Recent Take a tour New start experience. Find everything you need in one place. Full integration with SkyDrive cloud storage system: sync your documents across all your Windows devices so you can access them anytime, anywhere. O Office 365 Home Premium TION One Office. Five Devices. Office applications available through an online subscription service. New, modern minimalist interface that helps you focus on your work. Optimised for touch Word Inserting graphics from the Internet is a breeze with content from Bing and Flickr, as well as Office Clip Art. Bookmark features: Pick HOME NRT EN ANSTO A TION HOW REVE w ceLOER ADO POI PIE er up where you left off in a document. Dealing with Harassment n Clip Ant > Clic Wecome bak Wekome bac KO nG D STA 'Read Mode' in Word designed for touchscreen use; scroll through a document by swiping horizontally. PDF Editing: Open any PDF, edit it, and save as a docx or PDF file. Excel Flash Fill automatically enters data based on the user's entry patterns, reducing the need for formulas and macros. Recommended Charts All Charts Flash Fill your data Learn More Start typing and let Excel finish your work for you Email First Name Fl out the table on the left. In Nancy 1. cell C5. type Nancy into the Jan Mariya Steven Andre First Name column lan 2 Repeat in cell C6 (Andrew and watch. You're done. rfrper Stven 10 [email protected] Robert Hebert Next> Laura Anne 12 13 14 Alexander Aander Kim Manish 15 16 17 [email protected] Ame Yenonne Amanda Recommended Charts 18 onne manda 19 leads you towards suitable layouts with one click. 20 21 Start 1. Fill 2. Analyze 3. Chart Learn More ENTER 3 wa Aumte Ven Bng Send heme Aang Great charts, recommended for you Lean More Recommended Excel recommends charts based on the data you enter. PivotTables give you immediate insight into analysis of your data. Company Q1 Sales Q2 Sales D 1 et the tatle on the ln A Dm Corporto Ad wat onder Artnes Cty Power &Lige 2 C Inert Recemmended Chart and seect the Chart you 209.293 Cuhe vinyard Contn Ld 3 ethe buttore on the top nght of the chart to get the ngh look and Cont harmaca Consdated Menger FORMATTING TABLES Fabrkan feth Coffee Graph Design e Hunng rane Set Than La ubshng Marges fravel matana tt t tt 12 Sat L ra 2 An e Chart ean More AVERA Lm coun SM R PE PowerPoint FILE HOME INSERT DESIGN Formatting is easier than ever in PowerPoint. JOO-KEdit Shape P d o heie A Text Box 4728 ☆FO Merge Shapes Seesh Insert Sh Union Format Picture Combine CO Eragment GLOW O Intersect 1OROATION O Subtract THE LOUNGE Merge shape tools Sign in to get the most. out of Office 606 PM Net slide Chulengtring Coreon Aa Aa Evolution of Microsoft Client Management Aa Aa Aa y We h d ottt tre one chaean tpatimen along the ww.The lat tigmoo w Wnd unee AA Aa Aa O Side 2 of 25 O New themes A new Presenter View makes it easy for a presenter to make slide changes the audience cannot see. Outlook Get ongoing updates on specific documents, sites and people delivered to your activity feed. Today Temorow Y No Datn Thes Week Y Custom Meeting Netwak Categories Stapt Dute De Dute Reply Reply Forwand More Mark Remove Complete from Lt Manage Tak Felder Tpe pootancn Move Reipond Felow Up Amsngenen wortes what's new • fent em Post Lori Penor P-Iwill be out traveling to NYC net week for east coast meetings Several minutes age 3. ryo Sent e A Frank Try the food cart at Saed and Sch. Yummy. A Several minutes age eDeieted a you follow. 9 accounts Eout TN SS Feed Seanch Folders Mark Harrington Iheadjusted our Ql sales forecast based on strong Q2ajectory Make sure you kno your number. Sevel hours ago 4 cases 10 contacts 3 opportunities Contoo 12-Product A SKU 1202) for Sales Deale. Frank won 12- Product A SKU A0 for Sales Dealens Association et Close /201 for Seles Deales Assocition valuedat S20 00000 Sevel hous ago Wonplace 6 users View multiple email accounts, Facebook updates, and LinkedIn feeds all in one place. whati New Lori Penor Nice job closing this deal Seveal houn ago porti Duelicate Detection Terry Adams thaveameeting this ahemoon witha RAode EBeports Announcenent before Tal Krzypow Sra Dan CONTACT WHATINEN Calendar Curent Location Se Thas forlunteeing Send Emal bout hatybe dong Cheer Sara Call Mobile Chat real-time to co-workers with integrated Skype support. Bonnie Keaey Reina Cabatana Melly Dempny Mail Calendar People Tasks . NE OneNote D l A 1:19 O Favorite Reci... O Fig Salad with Prosciutto and Walnuts Intuitive touch controls 12/13/2010 Pli che ble Ingredients: • 1 cup walnuts • 1 bag mixed baby greens • 1 ripe fig Coy te agh Convert your handwriting into text • Balsamic vinaigrette • Prosciutto gtate Directions: • In a bowl, toss cup chopped walnuts with mixed baby greens. areanenrichs. Aadas 17 AM com Embed pictures, documents and videos into your notes with ease. WHAT'S OUT Goodbye, cruel world. The much-maligned office 'assistant' Clippy was famously sent to the scrapheap in a previous update of Office. So what has been cut this time around? OK Custom XML has been removed due to a court ruling which decreed it was a patent infringement. G Mrosoft Office Tools O Digital Certificate for VBA Projects Current Mcrosoft Office Access 2007 E Microsoft Office Excel 2007 E Mcrosoft Office Outlook 2007 E Microsoft Office Pubisher 2007 G Mcrosoft Office PowerPoint 2007 A Morosoft Clp Organicer Microsoft Office 100,000 A Microsoft Office 2007 Language Settings Picture Manager A Microsoft Office Diagnostics 80,000 Microsoft Office Picture Manager 60,000 E Microsoft Office Word 2007 E Mcrosoft Office InfoPath 2007 40,000 20,000 O Morosoft Office OneNote 2007 Cucumbers Leeks Onions Lemons Microsoft Clip Organizer Old-school 3D Cone and Cylinder charts infographic brought to you by SOURCES What's the difference between Office 2013 and Office 2010? - 10 awesome new additions in Office 2013 - Microsoft Must Alter Word or Stop Sales, Court Says - PRODUCED BY BEST STL ШП ШШП ПL w/ 14

What's in and what's out in Office 2013?

shared by Eavesy on Feb 19
Office 2013 is the 15th version of Microsoft's popular desktop software. This version sees it spreading its wings to encompass tablets, phones and other smart devices. What else has changed for the 20...


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