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What You Didnt Know About CFML - Common Myths Debunked

WHAT YOU DIDNT KNOW ABOUT CFML COMMON MYTHS DEBUNKED ColdFusion (CEML) is an application server and software development framework used for the development of computer software and dynamic web sites Integrates seamlessly with any enterprise infrastructure or rich client out of the box to deliver data from and to clients andserver technologies Myth: No One Uses CFML Any More 108,900+ Applications 350+ User Groups Conferences 12,000+ Companies 778,000+ Developers on CFML ColdFusion Summit MuraCon cf.Objective() Open CF Summit CFUnited, CFCamp Myth:Coldfusion Is Only Used In A Couple Of Industries INDUSTRIES THAT USE CFML GOVERNMENT MANUFACTURING AUTOMOTIVERETAIL FINANCIAL SERVICES EDUCATIONHEALTHCARE TRAVEL AND LEISURE TELECOMMUNICATIONSI I Myth: It Takes Longer To Use CFML COLDFUSION Development Time 2 - 4months to develop a small to medium size application Maintenance .5 to 1 person Ease of Use Language can be learned in 1 to 2 weeks months for a small to medium size application WHEN COMPARED TO CFML JAVA/JSP ASP.NET PHP Rapid Application Development Requires 88% more lines of code Requires 2.5 times more lines of code Requires 3 times more lines of code X2.5 X3 Can take more than Can take 1.5 to Can take 1-2 Ease of Use 1.5 to 2.5 months 2.5 months months to learn to learn to learn Takes 1.5 times to develop an application X1.5 develp an application Takes 2 times to Development Takes 1.5 times the amount of time to develop an application X2 Time X1.5 Takes 3 times as Takes 2 times as Takes 3 times as long to maintain application X3 long to maintain application X2 long to maintain application XЗ Maintenance Myth: CFML Uses More Lines Of Code Compared To Other Options E-COMMERCE SLATWALL (CFML) MAGENTO (PHP) 100,000 1 MILLION LINES OF CODE LINES OF CODE CMS MURA (CF) WORDPRESS (PHP) 115,000 112,000 + Plus all the plugins to do what mura can do out of the box lines of code lines of code Myth: CFML Is Too Expensive To Run -THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN COLDFUSION AND CFML- COLDFUSION CFML ColdFusion is a commercial Adobe product used to process the CFML language "ColdFusion Mark Up Language' (CFML) is a scripting language for web development that runs on the JVM, the .net framework, and google App Engine CF Can be processed on a completely free and open source stack such as Ralio and Blue Dragon Check ou t Corddul Get tnow SOURCES Adobe Cold Fusion Evangelist Kit – Adobe / modMedia - web iaign e wrketing http:/

What You Didnt Know About CFML - Common Myths Debunked

shared by VisualApogee on Aug 31
There are many common myths around CFML. This infographic debunks the myths.


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