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What would Googlebot do?

(drumroll) Elevatelocal Internet Marketing SEO Web Design PPC Agency And Other Bits And Bobs Including Infographics And Cartoons Such As This Ltd presents. WHAT WOULD Google BOT DO? INTRODUCING... ULRIC REGINALD LANGSDOWN (OR U.R.L) GOOGLE BOTS BLACK HATS These wiseguys use underhanded (yaaaay) These crazy critters work their socks off to find your (boo000) techniques to game Google and other serch site. Nice glasses Google bot. engines AND they have bad breath (probably). This posh sun of a gun is the character string Thanks Google that represents all the individual resources on the internet. He is pivotal to the workings of the world wide web, and he likes tennis (no idea why) If your a Web Designer or SEO enthusiast, and you want Google to love your site real bad, then you've got to know Google Bot, and what the little guy likes. 1. AVOID LINKS TO BAD NEIGHBOURHOODS Links to bad neighbourhoods could be detrimental to a XXX PUPPIES.COM SPIDER-WEB CAMS website's rank and reputation. Googlebot does get embarrassed easily, as you can see. Googes 2. AVOID STUFFING YOUR WEBSITE WITH KEYWORDS Stuffing your webeite (and Googlebot) with keywords resulte in a negative user experience, and could effect your site's ranking Like a meal - its all about the quality. Rather than quantity. Car Garage Repalrge Google Googlebot. Go on a diet. Youre fat. ANtamBBile Garage Car Repair Automebiepair 3. AVOID LARGE FILESIZES Googlebot, being the efficient fella he is, likes to do his job quickly. If he gets stuck on a page, he sulks. And may hand out punishments as a result. IMAGE SIZE: STB Keeping your overall site size low increases the chance of a quicker page. Which means a happy user, and a happy Googlebot. eep. Google 4. AVOID INCLUDING DUPLICATE CONTENT Googlebot doeen't like to be told twice. Keep your content original, clear and informative. Unlike these schmucks. DOUCHEBAG VACCUUMS LTD. Howdy Friend Did you know that Douchebag Vaccuume Ltd Hi therel Douchebag Vaccuums Ltd are the market leaders at are the market leaders at sucking Googlen sucking- 5. WHEN REDIRECTING, USE 301 REDIRECTS When moving your site or pages permanently to a new location use 3Ol redirects or canonicals. This way Googlebot will know what you have moved and will be up to date and pass along any link juice you might have had to the new location. URL Two URL One 301 Redirect Over there. Boogle Googlebot. What a gentleman. 6. AVOID BLACK HAT TECHNIQUES IF YOU DON'T WANT TO GET PUNISHED Techniques such as cloaking, doorway pages and sneaky redirects are classed as black hat SEO. Although they seem like clever ideas, Googlebot can spot a bad guy a mile off. And hel punish them if theyre caught. НЕНАНАНАН-ОWWW Googlebot isnt to be trifled with, as he probably knows karate or something. 1. KEEP YOUR CONTENT FRESH Googlebot likes fresh, and up to date content. Stagnant sites means a dissapointed googlebot. And potentially a lower rank. SUPERFUNHAPPY PLACE.COM THEDRAB HOUSE.COM Google Coogle 8. USE REL=NOFOLLOW See that bouncer He is a personification of rel-'nofollow". Put him in YOURWEBSITE.COM GO TO ANOTHERSITE.COM your outgoing link tags to stop Googlebot following it. If Googlebot follows it, he'll probably take some site juice with him And we can't have that. NO FOLOW Boogh Use the nofollow bouncer. He's a nice The nofollow bouncer guy actually Works for free to. There you have iti 8 simple steps to a better search optimised site. Googlebot is a sensitive soul, but if kept happy is a great ally for your site. He'l give it more exposure, and potentially more success. Horrah! wwwelevatelocal.couk I infographic design by elevatelocal Car Fix

What would Googlebot do?

shared by rmmojado on Jan 25
A broken down look into the likes and dislikes of Googlebot, and how tickling his belly can lead to improved rankings for your website.


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