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What they do at Work

USA WHAT THEY DO AT WORK Do you use your work-provided computer for personal or non-work related content? FLUFFY KITTEN YES 66.9% NO 33.1% How familiar are you with your company's policy regarding: personal use of company-issued computers? I'M VERY FAMILIAR WITH THE POLICY I'M SOMEWHAT FAMILIAR I'M NOT AT ALL DO WE HAVE A POLICY? FAMILIAR WE DON'T 68.2% 22.7% 2.9% 1.3% 5.0% How closely do you follow your company's IT policy as you are familiar with it? 51.7% 42.4% 4.8% 1.1% I follow the policy I completely disregard it I don't often follow To the letter most of the time the policy in place Have you ever had your work IT department fix an issue with your work computer caused by non-work related activity? Have you or anyone at your company ever been responsible for a disruption caused by visiting a questionable website? ALL WORK 61.5% NO NO 69.6% 17% YES And it resulted in E-MAILS network downtime YES 25.6% 11.5% YES Caused by legitimate non-work activity And it resulted in new reinforced IT usage policies 10% YES ADULT YES 5.8% And it resulted in loss of Caused by questionable non-work activity data / intellectual property Are you concerned about your company's ability to monitor your personal activity on your work issued computer? Do you think an IT admin can just as easily monitor your usage on a work issued tablet as they can a computer? YES NO 7% 64% YES NOT SURE 36% NO 19.3% 11% If you left your job or you were made redundant, what files would you take with you from your work computer? Do you ever save work data (documents, customer lists, confidential data etc.) to a personal cloud-based file sharing service (Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive etc.)? 61.7% Personal files NO YES frequently 23.5% 51.8% I wouldn't take any files 28.5% Low-level corporate 15.1% documents (for the future) High-level corporate 11.8% documents (Confidencial & financial information, client lists) YES Corporate email archive 8.9% occasionally 24.8% 1.9% Other If you died unexpectedly tomorrow, would you be comfortable with your family and colleagues viewing your browser history and hard drive of any computer you have used? YES 81% NO! 19% The research for Davies Murphy Group on behalf of GFI Software was carried out between: 06 / 11/ 2014 and 10o / 11 / 2014 GFI Sample: 1,010 USA employees who have use of a company provided computer (desktop or laptop)

What they do at Work

shared by damariscastrogo... on Jul 05
An Infographic to illustrate stats gathered from a poll about what employees see on their computers during work time.


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