What IT Insiders Expect in 2012

WHAT IT INSIDERS (EXPECT IN ► 1 2012 We recently did a survey of over 500 IT professionals to see just what they expect from the future. The answers indicated what these professionals expected to happen in the coming year and what their predictions were for the future of IT. JOB SATISFACTION 4 Reasons IT Pros Like Their Jobs Good training opportunities Flexible 61% 61% schedule Good salary 62% 70% Easy going and benefits boss 9 out of 10 IT pros are happy in their jobs. Just 25% would consider moving on if offered the right 64% of those plan to stay in their position. position. Moving On: How to Find a New IT Position 35% 28% 17% 8% Professional Recommendations Networking networks Social networks WHAT ARE IT PROS WORKING ON? The main priorities for IT include: Finding ways to save money Finding solutions for internal demands Improving communications throughout the company THE FUTURE OF IT Part of our survey focused on what IT pros feel the future holds for the industry. Here's what they think. Advances in Technology Cloud Computing 29% of IT professionals feel cloud computing is most likely to take off in the next 5 years. Security 21% feel that security needs will grow rapidly in the next half decade. Mobile Solutions 18% think mobile is the way to go for the future. Networking Networking is what 10% chose as the wave of the future. Dealing with the Recession Raises 44% expect to receive a raise in 2012. 26% think pay freezes will occur. If Another Recession Occurs 25% worry they would lose their job. 42% aren't worried at all. Growth 28% expect their companies to grow in 2012. 65% think there will be no expansion. The overall result of the survey was that most IT professionals are content in their positions and have no desire to leave. While they do realize that the future may be difficult, they would rather stay on with the companies they are currently at, rather than look for a new position. Source: • C-

What IT Insiders Expect in 2012

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Five hundred IT professionals responded to a survey about what they expect for the future of their industry. They answered questions about why they like their jobs, what they’re trying to accomplish...




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