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What if Spam Were True?

E-mail Password Ineolane Search Enter I Close session. marketing that delivers Registration What If Spam Were True? Imagine a world where the emails that hit your spam filter-or that you flag as spam-actually came from people or brands you knew Information 200 billion Number of spam emails sent per day Hey, I just got 4 free iPads for filling out a survey! 80-90% That's nothing; I got a lifetime supply of Wal-Mart gift cards just for answering my phone! Percentage of emails sent to organizations that are spam O 237 Likes Check's in the mail; I just sent out your $5 million. Thanks so much for helping me escape the clutches of my evil uncle. That $5,000 you sent me really changed my life. T 122 Likes Nearly three out of four spam emails with pharmaceutical subjects My teeth are looking a little yellow. I wish there was something I could do to whiten them. Spam Didn't you hear? I'm a housewife and I invented this simple tooth-whitening treatment that your dentist doesn't want 47% you to know about. 5 107 Likes Of email subscribers hit their "spam" button rather than searching for an "unsubscribe" link This final is really killing me. I can't wait to graduate. I can't believe you're still working on your degree. I finished my PhD in astrophysics in six weeks! What's wrong with you? 75% Percentage of emails reported as spam that are actually graymail, legitimate communication that subscribers just don't want anymore O 154 Likes I ate three berries today and lost 10 pounds! T5 180 Likes 2 Friends 300 Looking for a new job. Any suggestions? Indeed. You can become a licensed private investigator in a mere three-hour online program. Spy on your friends and neighbors legally! O 100 Likes I'm so bored, sitting around the house doing nothing. Just sitting around the house can earn you up to $1,000 an hour! I work three hours a day and make $250,000 a year! 5 293 Likes Playing with my new baby. He's so cute. And he was only five dollars! Can you believe it? All I did was send the breeder my credit card information and two days later, this little bundle arrived! O 315 Likes There are five foreclosed homes on my street. Thanks to this little-know government program, I can buy them all for 80 cents apiece and become a real estate mogul! 130 Likes Sorry, I won't be able to make it over this weekend. I have a date with a cute local guy I met online. 218 Likes Me, too! I couldn't believe when I went to the site how many attractive singles there are in my neighborhood. Where have they been hiding, lol?! 5 177 Likes I could have saved 100 bucks on that pair of shoes I just bought, but the email got mixed up with all my spam. "XYZ Company is holding a webinar tomorrow highlighting best practices in email marketing and campaign management. Registration is free." "Wow, can't believe someone would spam your news feed" "Dislike" "Marketing FAIL" SOURCES MarketingSherpa, 2010 Email Marketing Benchmark Report

What if Spam Were True?

shared by em2001 on Mar 07
Imagine a world where the email that hit your spam filter actually came from the people and brands you know and trust, via your social networking news feed updates. We can become so bombarded with sta...




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