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What On Earth Is PLC Programming?

Surprisingly THE STIMULATING WORLD OF PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROLLERS No, Really! In November 2009, the Stuxnet virus dealt the Iranian nuclear facility at Natanz a crippling blow, causing thousands of centrifuges to fail. The target of this sophisticated attack was the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), a component of the centrifuges originally designed to control auto-manufacturing lines in 1968–long before cyber-security concerns. PLCS also A study in Wired found that the control systems prevalent in US prisons could be obtained on Ebay for prison $500 and easily hacked. doors. PLCS, although little known to the general public, are It's not just the underpinning of virtually all automated and mass nuclear facilities produced goods and services. and prison doors: As a result, high-quality PLC programmers are in high-demand across a variety of industries. PLCS control our water dams, elevators, and car washes; they clean and distribute our drinking water, And they make sure parking barrier arms don't slam the hood of your car manufacture our food, and heat and cool our air. exiting the parking garage. So, What on Earth are These Things? PLCS are computers, but they aren't like the personal computer or laptop you use every day. They're much tougher. They can stand up to heat, cold, dust, and other extreme conditions. and then perform an action (output). PLCS take in information from sensors (input) input output Inputs can be anything from temperature The inputs determine the outputs, or light sensors to a pressure gauge. which might be actions like turning on a motor or applying a brake. For example, on a roller coaster PLCS are used to keep the cars from colliding. electromagnetic and spring- loaded switches beams sensors of light all act as inputs describing the location of the cars to a PLC, which then adjusts the speed of each car to prevent collisions. Most PLCS operate on a straightforward programming language called ladder logic. Unlike other text-based coding languages used in web design, ladder logic is based on written diagrams that represented manually operated electrical relays before PLCS were invented, giving them a distinct and accessible visual style that's relatively easy to learn. PLC programming can be a self-taught skill and doesn't require traditional schooling. PLC professionals are in high-demand, and knowing K how to program one can land you job running massive automated industrial systems. C III

What On Earth Is PLC Programming?

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PLCs are industrial computers used to control different electro-mechanical processes for use in manufacturing, plants, or other automation environments. PLC programming includes control systems workin...


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